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Background of the Study
Technologies have been used to reduce the time and fewer efforts for the
workers in any establishments considering using technology. In now a days,
computerization and innovation highly effect the interest of the technology in
has a great continuation to every person and effective way of transformation
of every transaction. People will live in the information technology and
electronic age, where technological advancement becomes a major
determination of the people lifestyle. Technology is existing and computers
play as a key of role in almost every sphere of life. They can facilitate storage
huge amount of data and they can speedy processing of information.
Computers also can hence be employed in different field.
The rapid growth of technology has contributed a lot to the continued
process of all classification of industry. However, some sectors today seem to
be left behind in the adapting the use of different methods to have progress
on their part. Nowadays, business people define the applications and
applications and problems to be solved by the computer. But unfortunately
this potential has not been fully recognized or even adequately realized in
some business. It because users may not fully understand the capabilities and
limitations of modern computer technology.
The Office Management System is appropriate for the use of barangay
Statement of Problem
The office of the brgy. Sta. clara suffering their documentation
through time of passing their documentation in other
department/offices, the process of their tracking records of daily,
weekly and monthly records become less efficient and accurate
because in hard copy or manual system their data might be
misplaced or lost. Having their manual data record or
documentation management system requires a lot of storage space
and filling equipment in their files are kept, their process of writing
and printing a hard copy documents in a piece of paper, keeping,
and finding the records of the consumer/employee are time
consuming causing slow retrieval of information and transactions.
System Capabilities
This system the Office Document Management System will help
them very much to manage their paper works and documents to
make soft computerized records so that it become accurate,
complete, accessible and usable. Reducing their operating costs
including office space, equipment and staff to maintain an
organized filling system. And this type of system they simple send
their documentation to the other department or offices that need
their information simply uploaded the files and they can also
receive the information in the other department. They can also
manage the entire incoming and outgoing document, can
categorized documents and they can generate a report such a list
of incoming and outgoing documents, the finished record or
documentation, the date when they send or received.
In this kind of system they can benefits more than they expected
because they can manage their time to finished many documents,
the process will be easy by sending only the files that already exist
in their database for them not to be suffered. They can also
manage the outgoing and incoming records or documents.