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Report Eumind

Sanne Linde and Anke


Hello we are Sanne, Linde en Anke. Linde and Anke are

thirteen years old, Sanne is twelf years old. Linde's sport is
swimming, Anke plays hockey and Sanne like to do
Our topic is schoollife. Before we can write this report,
we did a lot of interviews with people about our topic.
That was fun!
General questions Grandparents

 Grandparent Anke: She lived with

her parents in Nijmegen. She was
with four people in her family.
 Grandparent Linde: He had 15
persons in his family. With his parents
he lived in a nice house in Dongen.
He don’t know a lot of the past
 Grandparent Sanne: She had 8
people in her family. With her parents
she lived in Den Bosch. Her mother
was a house wife and her father was
a bricklayer.
General questions Parents

 Parent Anke: he lived in a house with 4 people,

his mother, father and brother. The family’s of his
parents were rather big, his mother has 7
brothers and sisters. His father has 8 brothers and
sisters. When he was young he lived with his
parents in Ooij.
 Parent Linde:
 Parent Sanne: She lived in a house with 4 people.
Her mother father and brother. Her family was
smal. Her mother had 2 sisters and 1 brother. And
her father had 1 brother. She lived in
General questions Children

 Child Anke: Sanne: There are four people in her

family. Her mother is buyer-coördinator. Her
father is manager. She lived with her parents in
 Child Linde: Anke: There are five people in her
family. Her mother is project leader. Her father
was postman. She lived with her parents in
 Child Sanne, Linde
Diferences and Simularities grandparents

2 different age
1 different kind 3 smal and
Differences: when they
of teaching large classes
started school

1 boys and girls 2 same starting 3 religious

not apart time school
Diferences and Simularities parents

1 different 2 some smal 3 distance from

school levels and big classes home to school

1 same
3 can't
Similarities punishment, 2 same lessons
choose subjects
Diferences and Simularities children

2 some have latin

1 not the same
and some have 3 we are finished
Differences: home-school
camebridge at orther hours

3we all have the

2 same difficulty
Similarities 1 same lessons same type of
of lessons
Main question: Do students have
to work harder at school to be
succesful in 2014 than at the time
your grandparents/parents were
 No, because our parents had to work harder and the teachers
were a lot stricter than they are now. When you write with the
wrong hand you have to write with the right hand. That wasn't easy
 Now we have a lot of easier ways to learn. For example: we have a
device, we have learnings tools that we can do online. Also we
have places in the school with a computer and some lessons are
 With laptops we have to write less. That's nice because than we
have more time for what we real have to do
Conclusion of our report

Our conclusion is that the schoolifes different of our generation and that of
our parents, but the schoollifes of our grandparets and our schollifes were
realy completely different. Other kind of lessons, other kind of teaching. Now
at the time of the children we have lessons on our device and we have
selfstudiehours. At the time of our parents they were a little bit stricter and
they haven't a device and they haven't selfstudiehours. At the time of our
grandparents they were very strict. Also there were schools for only boys and
only girls.