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Flu Prevention

Emily Sinn
ND 568
Dietetic Intern- Marywood University
Grand View Hospital- Acute Care Rotation
What is the Flu?
O Also known as influenza
O By definition, a common viral infection that
can be deadly, especially in high-risk groups
O >3 million US cases each year
O Spreads easily
O Partly preventable by vaccine
O Usually self-treatable and self-diagnosable
O Resolves within days to weeks
Signs & Symptoms
O Young children, older adults, pregnant
women, and those with chronic disease or
weak immune systems are at high risk
O Fever, chills, muscle aches, cough,
congestion, runny nose, headaches and
O Spreads easily via coughs, sneezes, skin-to-
skin contact, saliva or touching a
contaminated surface
Flu Prevention
O The best way to prevent the flu is…
What to Know:
The Flu Shot
O Protects against the influenza
O More than one type of shot
available- find what’s best for you
and your family
O Recommended that anyone older
than 6 months should get
vaccinated every season
O Protection provided by the vaccine
varies based on the age and
health status of the individual
O Possible side effects: soreness,
redness or swelling at injection
sight, low grade fever, aches
Flu Prevention Cont.
O Avoid close contact
O Stay home when sick
O Cover mouths/noses
O Clean hands as frequently as possible
O Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth
O Practice additional good health habits
Beneficial Foods
During Flu Season
O Citrus fruits O Mushrooms
O Fish O Skinless turkey
O Oysters breast
O Garlic O Leafy greens
O Yogurt O Blueberries
O Tea
O Dark chocolate
O Carrots and sweet
O Red peppers
O Milk O Oats
O Sunflower seeds
Final Takeaways
O Avoid Stress
O Stress has the ability to compromise our
immune systems- practice deep breathing,
meditation or yoga
O Sleep
O A good nights sleep can either prevent a virus
or aid in the recovery process
O Keep Warm
O Bundle up and eat/drink warm things! When
cold, our bodies require extra energy to warm
up- this energy should be used to digest our
food and fight off infection
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