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Stress is your bodys way of responding to any kind of

demand or threat.
Two types long term stress (chronic) or the short term
(acute) stress.
Types of stressor
Job Major life
Finances changes
Family Weight
Friends gain/loss
Car troubles Relationships
Moodiness or anger
Inability to concentrate
Aches and pains
Chest pain, rapid heart rate
Increasing activity can help relieve stress.

Regular exercise can lift your mood and

serve as a distraction from worries.

It allows a break out of the cycle of

negative thoughts that feed stress.

Rhythmic exercises such as walking,

running, swimming, yoga and dancing are
particularly effective, especially if you
exercise mindfully (focusing your
attention on the physical sensations you
experience as you move).
Yoga is a mind-body practice.

Yoga brings together physical and mental


It may help you achieve peacefulness of body and


This can help you relax , manage stress and

Stress can make a person anxious, tense and

Yoga meditations can help even in a few short


Meditation can restore your calm and inner


Anyone can practice meditation.

It's simple and inexpensive

Purpose: to asses changes in mindfulness,
perceived stress, and physical fitness in a yoga
Participants: 51 (10 males) (41 females)
Results: 8 weeks of doing bikram yoga
improved mindfulness, stress, and physical
Participants: 50 women working/non working
between the ages of 25-50 years old
Methods: 16 week yoga practice
Results: out of 50 women 18 were working, 32
nonworking, but did house hold work.
Conclusion: yoga helps reduce stress and
anxiety in working and non working women
Purpose: chair yoga has a better effect on
older adults than walking and chair aerobics
Participants: 42
Class met 30 mins, 3 days per week for 6
Results: yoga showed the most stress
reduction over time.
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