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1. What is the Out of 155 Students were 1. Students are

reading level of students not prepared encouraged to read
the students evaluated, 100 or enough to read higher level of articles
based from the 65% had a higher level of from different printed
PHIL-IRI results? frustration reading articles materials.
level, 42 or 27% composed of 2. Provide materials
performed words that were that are interesting
instructional level, not commonly and can catch
and 13 or 8% encountered by students attention
were independent the students in like
readers. their reference contempora
books and other ry passages.
available in the
school and their

2. What is the . There were 61 or 39.35 1. There were 1. The school must allot 15
had comprehension minimal number of minutes every day
comprehension level, 52 or 27.10 % can students can
levels of the intended for
independently comprehend
students along; comprehend on noting independently the
details ;116 or 74.84% story. remediation.
Noting details 2. Guide students through
had frustration
Cause and comprehension level on 2. Students attending focused, high-quality
Effect cause and effect their English classes discussion on the meaning
Relationship relationship; 119 or have difficulty to of the text.
76.77% frustration and 9 understand deeply 3. Select texts purposely to
Fact and or 5.81% independent the message of story
Opinion support comprehension
on fact and opinion. as part of the lesson
Inferring However, on inferring, of the teacher. development.
there were only 2 or 4. Try other versions of the
1.29% frustration and 3. Majority of the SQ3R strategy.
135 or 87.10% students can infer 5. Encourage students to
independent reader. For independently. make connections
generalization, 144 or between the reading
92.90% were frustration 4. Students lacked
passage and their
level and zero for the knowledge to
independent. generalized ideas worlds.
from the story they
had read.

6. Use cooperative learning activities.

7. Allow students to demonstrate their understanding of
reading in a variety of ways.
8. Student should spend time to explore any reading
materials especially those that will enhance their
comprehension skills.
9. Teachers should use methodologies, strategies and
activities that will develop their pupils reading ability
most particularly heir higher comprehension skills.
They should also choose the strategies and good
books most appropriate for achieving their own
teaching objectives.

3. Is there a 1. Reading level and 1. The reading ability The DepEd administrators
noting details of of the respondents should include in the
significant was not affected by curriculum in all grade levels
relationship respondents were not
their comprehension the development of students
significantly related
between the along noting details. comprehension skills by
while reading level and 2. When the students incorporating some reading
reading and cause and effect read the passage, they materials in the all lessons.
comprehension relationship, fact and can relate to its They should also see to it that
levels of the opinion, inferring and meaning and feel the the students are provided with
students? generalization were effect to their individual adequate opportunity to read
significantly related. personalities and comprehend the
particularly if the appropriate and varied
situation pictured in the reading sources.
story were
encountered by the
3. Students with low
level in reading
corresponds a low
level in inferring.
4. Reading skills
played an important
role to develop the
comprehension level of
the students