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I like to "Bibimbap".
English name is "boild rice with assorted mix tures"
This food is mix the many vegetables and rice.
Vegetables kind of maybe outlined as follows: Cucumber, lettuce. carrot
and radish etc.. The last mix with roast beef and hot pepper paste.
This food good for children's hate eating the vegetable.
This food spicy. But you want a little spicy eat with fried eggs.
"Bibimbap" is very delicious. You try it!!
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›omanhas a fineness of perception than man. ›oman always has a

scrupulous attitude. So woman do better than men. There is a correct order
in doing anything. ›oman think that procedure the work.
Also. ›oman dispose of step by step. So woman settle a difficult problem
by going at it systematically. Haste makes waste!
But man is work put off from day to day. Almost man think is "Don't worry.
Let's take whatever comes." Once you get into this habit, you will find it
hard to break.
›oman is in control of one's job.
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Dear. My Teacher.
Hello. Teacher Princess. I will introduce my hometown. My
hometown address is Pungdukcheondong-Suji Yongin GyeongGiDo Korea.
Yongin very famous is amusement park. This park name is "Everland". This
park every day Visit many people. So sometime I go on a school picnic the
Everland. This park every in March start a rose festival. This festival very
beautiful and you can see the world rose. The rose colors very various. Red.
Pink. ›hite. Blue. Violet...many colors..I went to see a together.
Also. This park every year in Summer start Summer flash Party!! The
burning sun in mid summer. It started to sprinkle water. It's very cool!!
›e go to the Everland!!
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›e have five members in our family. Father. Mather. Sister. Brother and Me!
My father serve in a company. Mother is a housewife. Sister is a university
student. She is two years younger than I.
My father is merciful. My father allows me two hundred thousand won a
month for pocket. He do not touch wine. So I love father
My mother is good at cooking. This is enough to make a cat speak.
My sister be in a university. She major is administration. She looks very
pretty. She is a student at Suwon University.
My brother is still in high school student. He do well in school. He be is
skillful a computer.
My family live a happy life.
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I shall begin with the Online Shop. Online shop very easy. turn on
computer and enter shopping mall site and looking for clothes. shoes.
other somethings. Send a parcel by home-delivery service. Hot and cool
days there is no necessity for going to the shop.
But online shop cannot to see goods. So able to out of one's size
complex a repay. exchange. This is quite a troublesome job. Also you
saw it able to not good look. Buy the goods take a cautious attitude.
The second talk about the Shop Mall. Mall can I buy the match clothes
shoes..other something.
But Mall is not well walk. walk. walk. very hard task.
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My opinion is watching the movie after that read a book.

The reason make a movie is summary a book. So first Story grip through
the movie. Next understanding story the read a book. If So I think more
Surely is in movie an actor image comparison in book imagination a
hero image.
So I think is good for watching the movie after than reading a book.
Because you can more easily understanding the book.