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Lexical translation problems

And expressions
Lexical problems in translation

The greater number of translation problems for

the students are lexical problems. Most of
students mistakes are Ignorance of Arabic
equivalence and word for- word translation they
understand translation as the translation of
individual words only , which is very much to
contrast of reality in translation practice
Translation of fixed phrases

A special phrase is a phrase with special meaning

that cannot be understood from the direct surface
meaning of its words, nor from their total meaning
when taken together. A fixed phrase, on the other
hand, is a phrase which always has one single
grammatical and lexical form and word order that
cannot be changed , interrupted or reversed. In this
sense, both idioms and proverbs are special and
fixed phrases. One of the major translation
problems for the students is to translate the special
fixed phrases.
These problems occur when a word ,a phrase
or an expression is not understood clearly and
directly , misunderstood , not at all known to
students , or not found in standard
dictionaries, here are main lexical problems
which might worry them.
1-Literal translation ( of meaning):

Although any language is words in isolation. It
cannot be understood as such; words are used
together in special combinations, texts and
The relation between language and words is
exactly like relation between the human body
and it`s constituent parts .
A common mistake is committed by the students
when they take literal translation to be
applicable to every thing in language.
The comparison between the following three groups of
examples illustrates the point here:
Group A:
1-Woods floats in water
2-Answer my
question, please.
3-The children broke the
4-Impossible task.
5-A word of honor.

Group B:
1-Rainy day.
2-Sweet- tongued.
( , 3- A can
of worms.
4-Fabrication. ,)
5-Ugly person
, ( ).
Group c
is 1-Enough ,(
2-Tall order. ,
3-Fat salary. , ,
4-Bite the dust.
5-If you were in my shoes/ boat.
we notice that in A group direct translation is
quite feasible in C literal translation is not
possible by any means. The following literal
translation of the five examples of group C into
1-Enough is enough. ) , (
2-Tall order. ) , , (
3-Fat salary ) (
4-To bite the dust. ) (
5-If you are in my shoes ) , (