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Lesson Plan

Lecturer: Mr Wang Leong Boon

By: Durgamageswary A/P Devadass

Lu You Zhen
Sia Soon Huong
Wendy Ngu Woei Jiuan
Comprehension Worksheet
1. What animal does the lion catch?
The lion catches a mouse.
2. How does the mouse help the lion?
He chews through the rope to free the lion.
3. What is the main idea of this story?
A little mouse can be a big help.
Comprehension Worksheet
4. What can you learn from this story?
Remember that everyone has different talents and abilities.
Do not forget the one who has helped us.
5. What would happen to the lion if the lion eat the mouse the day
before it gets caught?
The lion will end up kill by hunter.
6. If you are the mouse, will you help the lion?
Yes, because it has given me a life before.