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Narrator: (Once upon another time, there was a
kingdom named Kicap Hitam Manis. It
was ruled by a wise king who lost his
farther in a tragic war and his mother was
taken from the enemies, Modred and
King Arthur : Attack!! (Fighting scene between zombies
and men)
K.A's mother : Arthur! Help me!! (Her hand was grab
from Morgan) Be a good king, Arthur..
Modred : (Evil laughs) Hahahaha!! Bye bye, suckers!
K.A : No!! Mother!!
K.A's father : What have I done! I didn't protect my
queen! (running away) Forgive me,
K.A : No!!
(He was so frustated. He became worst
and the kingdom always lose in wars. But,
it is all about to change into a happy
K.A : EEHHAAWW!! What a beautiful day to go
on a hunt!
(Then someone came..)
Guiniviere: (Horse sound) Oh,easy there,easy.
King Arthur: (Helping Guiniviere) Oh, easy boy,easy...
(Horse calming) There you go...
Guiniviere: Thank you... (Running away)
(King Arthur dancing)
King Arthur: I must see her again.But
(He returned to the castle happily,He want
to make a great ball so he could see the
girl from the woods again.He full truly
inloved with her.)
King Arthur: Oh...I can't wait...
(The next day,all the people arrived at the
castle.One by one,their name was
announced.Untill one person came.It was
the girl from the woods.)
Castle's Assistant: Now,I would like to
invite,Guiniviere from the Southern
Niles. (Guiniviere entering the
King Arthur: It's her.She is so beautiful.
Castle's Assistant: Now,let the great ball,commence!
(Everyone find their partner,except
(King Arthur approaching
King Arthur: May I have the first dance?
Guiniviere: Sorry,your majesty.
(Running to the food area.)
Narrator: Guiniviere was a poor girl.Both her Cue Suspicious song.
father and mother were dead when
she was at the age of ten.
(Guiniviere putting some food into
her sack.)
King Arthur: What are you doing?
Guiniviere: Sorry again,your majesty.
(Running away again)
King Arthur: Guiniviere!Wait!
(Guiniviere look at him.)
King Arthur: You are welcome here,anytime you
(Guiniviere accidently drop her
King Arthur: What the FFF...
(Amin miming to swear)
King Arthur: Opsss,sorry.What the heck is that?
(Grabbing the diary)
It is Guinivier diary.
(Opening the page one by one.)
Narrator: Then,there was a big smoke
appearing in the middle of the
castle.It was Merlin!
Merlin: Hohoho,where is he?Where is King
King Arthur: What do you want,souceres.
Merlin: Oh,I'm no souceres.I'm with
Merlin,the good wizard! (Lighting
stock sound)
(Akward sound.)(Krik krik2)
King Arthur: Who?
Merlin: You have got to be kidding me!Is
this the part when King Arthur in a
Everyone: Shhh,keep quite!!!You're spoiled
the bean!
Merlin: Ops,sorry.Got to go.But,there's
something I want to tell you all.
Muzic! (Maleficent's curse sound)
Before the sunset,on the 27 of
March 2017,a war will collide
between men and zombies,when
the king meet his queens,when the
fight fire... (music ends) (coughing)
Good bye.
(Merlin disapeared into a smoke)
(Merlin left a paper)
King Arthur: Who is he again? (Asking to one of
the people)
(Grabbing the paper)
People: Donno
(But,when Guiniviere exit the
castle,something horrible
(Morgan was hiding behind a tree)
Morgan: Guinivere... (Grabbing Guinivere
into her cart)
Guinivere: Help!
Mordred: No one can hear you,my

Narrator: (Mordred and Morgan took

Guiniviere to their lair.There,it was
full of zombies(zombies
growling)Guiniviere is struggling to
get out but she failed.She was
chained to a chair.Then,Morgan
start do her work.)

Morgan: Oh,dear Guiniviere.How pitiful that

king of yours will not come for

Guiniviere: Let me go!Now!

Morgan: My pleasure.(Taking a syringe from

her pocket and stab Guiniviere)
Guiniviere: Ah!What did you do?! (Turning into
zombie) Arr,rar!
Mordered: Muahaha!Prepare yourself,King
Arthur.My army is going on a
hunt.Hahaha (Lighting struck sound)
(Zombies growling)
Narrator: (King Arthur gather his men for
training.It is preparation for the
war that Merlin talked about.)
King Arthur: Okay, I will put him in charge for
the selection of the new knight.I
want all of you to protect the
kingdom while Im gone.I will go a
hunt for the ingredients for the
potion to cure the zombies.
People: Yes,sir!

Narrator: (People proceding out of the audi)

King Arthur:
Hmm (Looking at the paper)
Snow mushroom..Foundin
Mountain Brut..Someone,get me
my horse. (Someone throws his
horse) Heehow (Galloping away)
Narrator: (At Mountain Brut)
King Arthur: Where can I find snow
King Arthurs Help me
King Arthur: Whos there?Show yourself,now!
King Arthur: Whos there?Show yourself,now!
King Arthur: Father?What are you doing here?
K.As father:
I was chased by zombies.I thought
these snow mushrooms would
cure the zombies but I was
wrong.Sorry for sending a wrong
ingredients.The only way to kill the
zombies is by killing either
Mordered or Morgan.
King Arthur Then,what are we waiting
for?Lets go!
K.As father:
Lets go,son.As the old saying,like
father like son.I promise I will
take back my queen.

Narrator: (So,they travel back to the castle

with full of spirit because there
are confidence enough that there
are going to win)
Narrator: (At the castle)

King Arthur: Everyone, listen.I have found my

farther.He said the only way to win
is by killing Mordred or
Morgan.So,who have you choosed?
People : My lord, my team has searched two
people that have amazing
capabilities. The first one is
Lancelot. (Lancelot bow) he is
known for his victory is the master
chef season 1-81. next one is
Gawain (Gawain blink) He has the
power to crush enemies with his
big bellies.
King Arthur : Amazing ! you are welcome to the
castle anytime.
Lancelot and Gawain : Thank you,
your majesty. we will not let you
down. (King Arthur scold them and
let me down. ) (Song que)

K.A's father: So , what is your plan, king athur ?

King Arthur : Well, first of all.......

people: My lord! The kingdom is under

King Arthur : Just forget the plan. Attack!!
Narrator: (Battle field)
Mordred : I'm king of the castle (2x)

King Arthur : I will not let you harm any people

in this kingdom.
Mordred : We will see about that!
King Arthur : Attack ! YYYAAAAAA!! (The armies
follow him)
Narrator: (The chaos soundtrack)
Merlin: Ho , ho , ho ! (Appearing into
smoke) Arthur ! Pull out the
excalibur if you are a real king (
Stabing the excalibur in the stone)
Narrator: With full confidence, he try to take
the sword out....

King Arthur : Hiargh!!!!!! ( Sword didn't come

out) ( Akward song que) Shoot !!!
No !!!!
Army : (Laughing)

Mordred : Charge !!! ( Zombies growling )

Mordred : (Approaching to King Arthur ) Die

now !!!!
King Arthur : Hiarghhh!!!! ( The sword came out
) (Ting sound)
King Arthur : (Exclaim)

King Arthur : No you die !!! (Stabbing Mordred)

Mordred : No !!!! (Falling down)

Morgan : Ahhhhhh!!!! (Running away)
Narrator (All the zombies are cured )
King arthur : Mom ? Is that you ?
King Arthurs Arthur ?! I miss you so much !!!
Narrator: (The family of Arthur talk
Narrator: (Arthur recognised a girl)
King Arthur : Guinevere, is that you ?

Guinevere : Who are you ?

King Arthur : (Giggle) Maybe this will help you

to remember me (Showing the
Guinevere : (Exclaim) That's mine ?! You are
King Arthur ?!
King Arthur : Who else it be except me ?!
Guinevere: What happened ?
Everyone : Long story ....

King Arthur : By the way, you two, Lancelot

and Gawain , did such an
amazing job. You are now the
part of the round table.
Everyone : Oooo
Lancelot and What?
Gawain ;
King Arthur : Ha , ha ,ha .... The round table
was an organization for people
who is strong.... Like you two. So,
you should be grateful.
Lancelot and
Gawain: Alhamdulillah...
King Arthur : What is that ?
Everyone : Emhh, emh, emh.... It mean...
(Maher Zain Alhamdulillah song
King Arthur : Oh... How to be Islam ?

Lancelot and Let recite together ..( Dua

Gawain: kalimah syahadah)
King arthur: Alhamdulillah ... Ehem ehem ....
( Saying to Guinevere) (Propose
Guinevere) Guinevere will you
marry me? .. .

Guinevere : I will...

Narrator ( Alhamdulilah, all the people

become Islam.. (Marriage day)
And they all lived happily ever
after... For them...)