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In 1900 there was a flood that caused a few people

to use their cars and some people had to move out
of their building .

This is a destruction of ancient Rome that

happened in 1901 this is an important picture .
Because it tells you that Rome is getting old and

In 1902 there was a huge fire that burned an entire building and
that building wasnt just any building it was a city hall building so
a lot of people where put down because of the disaster.

In this picture there was a huge flood that forced people

to move out of their homes and many people have
past away during the diaster.

In the street of Washigton in california there was a flood in 1904. The people that went
through this went through terrifying times. This picture is important because this was a
flood that caused death, and the picture shows us how bad the flood was.

This was the fire that happened in Washignton, DC, ca. 1905. People died, and went
through tough times. This is an important picture because it is a fire, and it shows the
buildings that were destroyed.

This is the earthquake that happened in 1906 in San Francisco . People went through very
hard times when this happened , this caused peoples death. This is an important picture
because it shows and reminds us how bad the earthquake was, and shows us the
destruction that was made.

In Oriville there was a flood in 1907. Many people drowned, and lost their homes. This is
a important picture because it shows us what it must have been during the flood, and the
hard times people went through.

The St. Patricks Church, Santa Clara St. San Jose was destroyed by the earthquake that
happened. A lot of people died, and many buildings were destroyed. This picture is
important because, this shows us that many important buildings were destroyed.

In 1909 there was a parade from portola festival. Thousands of people attended to this
parade. This is an important picture because in this parade they had the worlds largest
American flag.

In 1910 there was a destruction of the L.A. times building. People were there when this
happened and people got hurt. This is a important picture because it is a destruction that
happened and damaged a lot of things