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PRFTECHNIK-Products in Steel Industry

Paper, April 2011, Matthias Ecker, PRFTECHNIK Alignment Systems, Ismaning

PRFTECHNIK-Products in Steel Industry

1. Why Roll Alignment?

2. Traditional Way of Measurement

3. New Method using Aerospace Technology

4. Application Examples from the coldrolling mill:

PARALIGN Measurement of pickling line

PARALIGN Protocol: 4-high millstand
PARALIGN Protocol: hot dip galvanizing with annealing furnace
PARALIGN Protocol: Sendzimir Mill

5. Conclusion

6. Why Shaft Alignment?

1. Why Roll Alignment?

Your Benefits of well aligned Rolls:

Increased product quality

evenly distributed forces on the production

Increased machine availability through:

shorter measurement time
decreasing web movement: sheet metals runs
straight on rolls, without touching framework


2. Traditional Way of Measurement

Theodolite or Laser Measurement:
Schematic set up of measuring Optical system
Rolls have to be visible

System has to be adjusted

to every single roll

Alignment over several

levels hardly possible

Result influenced by
environment (temperature,
operator etc.)

Extremely time
2. Traditional Way of Measurement

The accuracy of an optical measurement is determined

by a chain of the opitcal means in use: Theodolit,
reflectors, prisms, and so on.

Sight Level Telescopic Line Of

Theodolite Stick on Target
(SL) Transit Sight (LOS) Optical Target
Square (TTS)
3. New Method using Aerospace Technology

- Three orthogonally arranged laser gyroscopes
take measurement values along the patented
Sweep mode.
- According to these values the relative position
in space of the roll can be calculated similar
to the navigation system of a space shuttle.
PARALIGN report pickling line
Details of bath in pickling line
4. PARALIGN- Measurement of a Supporting Roll in a
Roll Stand
4. PARALIGN-Protocol: 4-high-millstand
4. PARALIGN-Potential: 4-high-millstand

Reduction of measurement time of a roll

Theodolite measurement: 8h
Measurement with PARALIGN: 3h

With PARALIGN the roll stand can start production 5h earlier

Finishing: overview hot dip galvanizing line
4. PARALIGN- Protocol: Hot dip Galvanizing

correspond. pag. 20 second. present.

4. PARALIGN-Potential: hot dip Galvanizing

Reduction of measurement time in a hot

dip galvanizing line:
Theodolite measurement: 48h
Measurement with PARALIGN: 5h

With PARALIGN the hot dip galvanizing line can start production 43h
Report of an annealing furnace - as part of the hot
dip galvanizing line
Closer look at part of the report of the furnace
Closer look at part of the report of the furnace

Remember: make sure to work safe use harness where necessary

3. Roll shapes in the metal industry
3. Roll shapes in the metal industry
Roll 40 Profile
Profile (mm)

0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000
Distance Along Face of Roll (mm)

good alternative: measure roll in crowned sweep mode, while rotating

roll together with PARALIGN, for at least 120
4. PARALIGN- Protocol: Sendzimir Mill
4. PARALIGN-Potential: Sendzimir Mill

Reduction of measurement time in a

sendzimir mill:
Theodolite measurement: 9h
Measurement with PARALIGN: 3h

With PARALIGN the sendzimir mill can start production 6h earlier

5. Conclusion

Comparison of PARALIGN to traditional system

Measurements can be accomplished in short time:
Up to 40 rolls per day in a production line in the cold rolling mill
Reduced downtime needed for measurement-> line earlier back in
production using PARALIGN

No line of sight needed ->High accuracy for every measured roll

Accuracy of measurements independent of temperature profile

Measurement protocols are created automatically. So, no transfer- or

interpretation errors occur: measurements are clearly more user

Easily understandable measurement protocol

PRFTECHNIK Alignment Systems GmbH

6. Why shaft Alignment?

Infra red image before and after laser-optical

alignment of a coupled aggregate

Result: changings in temperature distribution on coupling and sealing by alignment

6. Why Cardan Shaft Alignment?

Stationary Machine

Clamping System Carda shafts compensate

Moveable Machine parallel offset, the angular
range must be reduced to a
Laser Receiver

Condition required for high


1- 2 < 0,25

If this condition is fulfilled, higher

MTBF can be reached
6. Application of ROTALIGN Ultra
for Cardan Shaft Measurements

Sensor set up on the Input of the dimensions Results of the measurement in form of
driven shaft, a roll in this into the ROTALIGN Ultra correction values relative to the machine
case Software pedestals
6. Shaft Alignment with ROTALIGN Ultra
In the Power Plant of a Paper Mill

Example: Gas turbine

Mounting of ROTALIGN Shaft measurements in our

Sensor on turbine shaft Sweep-Mode
Why precise Shaft Alignment?

Increased lifetime of seals

Increased lifetime of
bearings by reduction of

Decreased maintenance
necessity of aggregates

Decreased power consuption

by well aligned aggregates