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Analiza Z. Macalalad
Subject Matter
Is an integration of cognitive, skill and
affective elements
Matter presented for consideration in
discussion, thought, or study
The substance of a discussion , book,
writing, etc., as distinguished from its form or
Subject Matter Content
is an integration of facts, concepts,
hypotheses, theories and laws,
thinking skills, manipulative, values
and attitudes.
Thinking Skills
The skills beyond recall and comprehension
They are skills concerned with the
application of what we learned, (in problem-
solving or in real life and creative
thinking)evaluation, critical and creative
thinking and synthesis. Thinking skills,
divergent skills, convergent skills , problem-
solving, metaphoric thinking, critical thinking
and creative thinking.
It is narrowing down from many
possible thoughts to end up on a single
best thought or an answer to a problem.
A mental process that involves discovering,
analyzing, and solving problems.
The ultimate goal of problem solving is to
overcome obstacle and find a solution that best
resolves an issues
Is made easier when the problem is well defined
The proper definition of a problem solving is a
half solution
Can be solve using algorithm following specific
step by step instructions
Heuristic strategy general problem solving
strategy, for a solution- experienced based
1.Break large problem into well defined ones.
2.Distinguish information needed.
3.Identify techniques to find needed
Critical Thinking
Involves evaluating information
or arguments in terms of their
Accuracy and worth.(Beyer, 1985)
It takes a variety of verbal reasoning,
argumentative analysis, hypothesis testing,
decision making
Creative Thinking
Involves producing something that is both
original and worthwhile
For Creative Thinking we must develop:
1. A State of mind. Creative thinking Skills are as
much about attitude and self-confidence as about
2. Creativity and emotions. Strong emotional self-
management is often needed to allow condition of
creative thinking to emerge
3. Creative thinking techniques. There is no limit
to ways of thinking creativity.
4. Combine analytical and creative thinking
skills.Many important breakthrough inscience
and innovation
5. Keep an idea book.Inspiration can strike any idea.
Solving a problem by the use of an algorithm
means following specific, step-by-step instructions.
An example is w toy assemble the dismantled
parts of a new toy by following the how to assemble
Give students practice in defining ill-defining ill-
defined problems
Teach heuristics that students can use where no
algorithms apply
Examples of real-life heuristic that people use as a
way to solve a problem or to learn something
Educated guesses
Common sense
Availability heuristic
Working backward
Familiarity heuristic
Three level approach to teaching Values Cognitive Skill
Values can be taught, they are both taught
and caught.
Values have:
Cognitive dimension
Affective dimension
Behavioral dimension
Affective component is concerned with values
and attitudes
When we teach values, we connect facts, skill
and concepts to the life of students.
Lesson Plan:
Helpers in Our School Community
Materials and Preparation
School Helpers PowerPoint
Photos of various school helpers (outlined in PPT template)
School Community Helpers worksheet
Whiteboard or Chart Paper
Dry erase or regular marker
Interactive whiteboard or computer (to display PPT presentation)
Add the appropriate names and pictures of school community helpers to the PowerPoint presentation.
Key Terms:
October 10, 2015
by Lauren Pici
Learning Objectives
Students will be able to name the people who work in their school. Students will be able to write about one school
community helper and explain how that person contributes to keep the school community safe and happy.
Introduction (2 minutes)
Tell your students that they are part of a school community. Ask the class if anyone knows what a community is.
After some discussion, define community as a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal.
Explain that everyone at school contributes in their own special way to make sure students learn safely and happily. Giv
example of a person at school, and a contribution that they make. For example: The janitor at our school cleans up every