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Indias leading institute for AMIE (Section

A & B) with Pen Drive Course

AMIE means Associate Member of the Institution of
Engineers. AMIE is a professional certification given
by IEI. You will got AMIE Degree when you qualify
Section A, Section B and the Project Work,
Laboratory Experiments examination of the
Institution. If you pass both sections of the
examination and submit Project Work then students
becomes an AMIE.
Area An is the initial segment of AMIE. An in addition
to two passed competitor needs to contemplate 10
subjects in Section A while a Diploma passed
applicant needs to consider 4 subjects in Section A.

In the wake of passing all subjects in Section An, an

applicant can proceed onward to Section B. In area B
there are add up to 9 subjects.
Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing

Material Science and Engineering

Computing and Informatics

Society and Environment

Mechanical Science

Engineering Physics and Chemistry

Engineering Drawing and Graphics

Electronics & Instrumentation

Engineering Mathematics

Electrical Science
There are numerous understudies who want to do
AMIE in various branch after B Tech. We have made
particular bundle for them so they essentially don't
confront any trouble in getting confirmation in AMIE.
Aside from the specified 9 subjects there is research
facility tests and venture likewise incorporated into
Section B
Compulsory Subjects

Engineering Management
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Transport Phenomena
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Chemical Process Principles
Chemical Engineering Equipment Design
Optional Subjects (Any three from any one group)

Group I Transfer Process

CH 411 Mass Transfer Operations

CH 412 Heat Transfer Operations
CH 413 Mechanical Operations
CH 414 Fluid Mechanics
CH 415 Instrumentation and Control
Optional Subjects (Any three from any one group)

Group II Process Technology

CH 421 Fuels and Combustion

CH 422 Biochemical Engineering
CH 423 Mechanical Operations
CH 424 Chemical Process Technology
CH 425 Instrumentation and Control
Optional Subjects (Any three from any one group)

Group III Process Industries

CH 431 Polymer Materials and Technology

CH 432 Petrochemical Engineering
CH 433 Industrial Pollution and Control
CH 434 Fertilizer Technology
CH 435 Instrumentation and Control
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