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Facilitated by
M. Kamrul Hasan, PhD
Joint Director, BARD
According to Cambridge Dictionary,
team (noun): a number of people or
animals who do something together as
a group. Example hockey, basket ball.
People working together as a group in
order to achieve something.
excerpts from Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries

Two or more people working together: a

team of researchers
It was a real team efforts everyone
contributed something of the project.
They teamed up for charity performance
What is a Team?
A assembled of people
who must know how to
work together to achieve
their team objectives.
Team members work
together on their optimum
level to accomplish a set
of objectives that can not
be achieved effectively by
individuals. Like football
team at sport.
Teams are everywhere
Teams are virtually everywhere from
production floor to office of the Prime
Spontaneous team for saving lives
and humanity
Compliment, Disagree and
"We are most effective as a team when we
compliment each other without
embarrassment and disagree without
fear. - Author Unknown
Sports Team
Team members displays
own optimal skill,
building relations,
motivate each other,
sacrifice mentality,
risk taking,
create open environment
How to motivate yourself
Importance of motivation
What type of incentive financial and non
How to motivate the employee
Limitation to motivate the employee
What are the instruments of motivation
"Talent wins games, but
teamwork and intelligence
wins championships. -
Michael Jordan
Ability to Work Together
"Teamwork is the ability to work together
toward a common vision. The ability to
direct individual accomplishment toward
organizational objectives. It is the fuel that
allows common people to attain
uncommon results." - Andrew Carnegie
We and togetherness
"T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves
More! - Author Unknown

"Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less me

and more we. - Author Unknown
Team and Dream

Teamwork makes the dream work - Bang

The Bhutan folktale
4 harmonious friend ?
The Bhutan folktale "The Four Harmonious
Friends" symbolizes interdependence, an
epitome of friendship, cooperation, and
good relations without considering
hierarchy, strength, power or size. In the
story, Elephant, Monkey, Rabbit, and Bird
collaborate to plant a tree, protect it, and
harvest the fruits.
Working team
Working team, a specialized group of a
organization, interdependent, highly
motivated, committed, achievement
oriented in view of attain something on
agreed purpose.
Successful team
performance requires
Teams are the heart
of most organizations.
Small groups of
motivated individuals
are the secret to
In a team, there
should be trust, a
sense of love, regards
for one another and
all the team members
must have the same
goal and expectation;
It is a process, like -
orchestra, here the goal
is same, but music
players are different. If
one is dropped, the whole
team cannot perform
"No one can whistle a
symphony. It takes an
orchestra to play it. -
"H.E. Luccock
Specialized. The combined power of a
group of things when they are working
together which is greater than the total
power achieved by each working
Difficult Situations within Teams

Not doing properly what they are suppose

to be doing.
Conflict and doubt

Probable solutions
Establishing rapport
Give guidance
Creating an atmosphere
Coaching and Mentoring

An experienced and
An instructor or trainer in sport trusted adviser
Team building is on going
team building [in organizational level] will
be ongoing rather than a one-shot session
and will be composed of training and
discussion specific to that team. -
encyclopedia of industrial and
organizational psychology
Team building is an art
team building is an art, not a science.
high-performing teamsthose blessed
with the energy, creativity, and shared
We feeling
One of the fundamental strategies for
building a team is to develop a sense of
team identity among the team members.
This can be done by instilling a sense of
we in the team. Team members cannot
work in isolation and are independent of
each other.
Kaizen approach in
team building
Small project for small change
Continuous improvement idea
A good team will satisfy its internal or
external clients.
The aim is to delight the stakeholders
Responsibility of Team Leaders and
Team Members
Create an atmosphere congenial for
enhancement of the leadership qualities
and efficiency of the members;
Ensure job satisfaction for all;
Play active role to remove conflict and
negative attitude in the team;
Watch, observe and monitor the activities
of the members and to realize outlook of
the members;
Group and team
For many the terms team and group are
used interchangeably. For those who
make a distinction, all teams are groups,
but yet not all groups are teams. A team is
group of two more people joined in
cooperative activity for work or play.
Responsibility of Team Leaders and
Team Members (continued)
The leader be a friend, not a boss or teacher;
Control ego and jealousy;
Ready to learn from any one;
Show positive attitude even in extreme
adverse situation, not to show any negative
Cooperation should not be misunderstood as
instruction from the leader;
Show proper respect for the independent
opinion of the members.
Responsibility of the Team
Perform assigned duty in time;
Keep promise/words;
Not only to perform the assigned duty, but
also to concentrate on the achievement of
the collective goal;
Assist promoting others.
Beliefs that Team Work behind are
Participation of all members in decision
making process;
Believe that every person has a self-
propelled mentality, has eagerness, quality
and preparation to accept responsibilities
arising out of changes;
Believe that people are not disinterested to
achieve their goal and to meet their
"In the long history of humankind (and
animal kind, too) those who learned to
collaborate and improvise most effectively
have prevailed. - Charles Darwin
Stress management