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VA Comp Assessment 2

Art Criticism
Albreht Durer
What can you learn from the title of the

I can learn from the title Rhinoceros that the

piece of art is based off of nature and a Rhino is
the focal point of the piece.
What subjects in the artwork can you recognize?

I can recognize that the artwork involves

animals, nature, and wilderness.
Looking at the elements of design, describe
what qualities you see.

The elements of design that I see in the piece of

artwork include line, shape, space, value, and
What media and techniques did the artist use?

The artist used graphite or charcoal as their

media, and used hatching and cross-hatching as
their techniques to shade the artwork.
Emphasis: Is there a dominant element or focal
point that you see first?

The Rhino is the focal point of the piece of

artwork and stands out against the paper.
Balance: Is there a special balance, or weight,
among the elements? What mood does it

No, there is not a special balance, but the Rhino

is distributed throughout the page and it gives
off a very gloomy mood that the artwork gives
Proportion: Do the proportions look normal,
ideal, or unusual? Why?

The proportions look ideal, as the artwork

covers the entire page.
Pattern: Are elements repeated to create a
pattern? Where? Why?

Yes, the spots and lines are repeated to create a

pattern along the rhino, because there are
multiples of each.
Rhythm or Movement: What visual rhythms or
paths of movement do your eyes follow?
Where? Why?

My eyes follow and intricate design along the

rhinos skin and the very visible texture, because
it is very outspoken in the artwork.
Unity and Variety: What elements bring
together, or unify many parts of the design.
Why? What elements add variety? Why?

The lines of the rhino bring the artwork together

and unify the piece of art because the artwork
uses the lines and shading to signify something
Is there symbolism in the artwork? What do you
think it means?

The artwork symbolizes wildlife and its play on

the world as well a giving off a very gloomy feel.
What feeling do you think the artist wanted to
give the viewer when looking at the work?

I feel the artist wanted to give off a very gloomy

feel, to the viewing looking at the piece of
Does the work remind you of other things you
have experienced?

Yes, the artwork reminds me of the zoo and

wildlife as well as Medieval Times due to the
amount of designs on the skin of the rhino.
How does the work relate to other ideas or
events in the world and/or in your other

The artwork relates to life science because of

the animals and kingdoms involved in wildlife
and rhinos.
What parts of the work make you feel it is a
success or failure?

The artwork feels as if it was a success because

it is complete and feels unified.
What criteria can you list to help others judge
this work?

The criteria I can use to help others judge the

artwork consists of, how was the artwork unique
compared to others you have seen and how the
shading gave the artwork a very cool persona.
How unique is the work? Why do you feel this
work is or is not unique?

I feel this artwork is unique because the

patterns on the skin of the rhino are unique.
What are some improvements you feel the artist
could have made to the work?

Some improvements the artist could have made

for this artwork are adding detail to the head
and ears because they dont truly look like real
rhino ears.