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Prepared by: Mark A. Sanchez
Time: 07:30-08:30p.m
At the end of the Module, students will be able
1. Identify the different types of literature
2. Prepare sample tests in literature using
different types and format.
3. Recognize the value of literature tests to
language learning.
A. Rationale of Literature Testing

Literature is a humanities
subject, but it is part of most
language programs of
Stern (1987) in her article, expanded
Dimensions to Literature in ESL/EFL: An
Integrated Approach, stressed the great
influence of literature to language learning.
According to her, linguistically, literature can
help students master the vocabulary and
grammar of the language as well as the four
language skills.
B. Types of Literature Tests
In general, literature tests may be
classified as testing literary background
or testing reading selections.

Testing literary background may include

tests on historical background or literary
1. Diariong Tagalog was founded by
a. Marcelo H. del Pilar
b. Juan Luna
c. Pedro Laktaw
d. Gregorio Sanciano
answer: a. Marcelo H. del Pilar
2. The Malolos Constitution was drafted based on the plan
proposed by?
a. Paterno
b. Mabini
c. Calderon
answer: c. Calderon
3. The first American civil governor of the country was?
a. Henry Ide
b. Joseph Smith
c. William H. Taft
answer: c. William H. Taft
4. The political section of the Association Hispano-Filipino was
under the charge of
a. Jose Rizal
b. Marcelo del Pilar
c. Dominador Gomez
d. Tomas Arejola
answer: b. Marcelo del Pilar
5. The original title of the Filipino National
answer: Marcha Filipina Magdalo
1. Purple puppies like playing on the playground. This is an
example of:
a. Personification
b. Alliteration
c. Anaphora
d. Motif

2. Hello darkness, my old friend

Ive come to talk with you again. . . .
(Paul Simon, The Sounds of Silence)
a. Personification c. Anaphora
b. Apostrophe d. Juxtaposition
3. The funeral home was built next to a childrens nursery.
This is an example of:
a. Paradox
b. Oxymoron
c. Juxtaposition
d. Metaphor

4. What figure of speech is represented in the sentence

He was sweating like a racehorse.
a. Litotes c. Metaphor
b. Simile d. Onomatopoeia
5. When a words vocalization imitates a natural
sound, as can be heard in the words murmur,
buzz, and pop, what do we call that device?
a. Synecdoche
b. Anaphora
c. Personification
d. Onomatopoeia
1. b. Alliteration
2. b. Apostrophe
3. c. Juxtaposition
4. b. Simile
5. d. Onomatopoeia
Tests on reading selections
may be categorized according
to the type of questions asked
in a literature class.
According to the Taxonomy of Cognitive
Questions, questions are classified, according to
complexity, as follows:
Literal Comprehension
Inferential Comprehension
C. Format of Literature
The format of literature tests addresses
specific language skills. It may be oral or
written. Oral literature tests challenge the
speaking and listening skills of the students
while the written tests demand skills in both
reading and writing.