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Designing a Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy

(Production concept )

Key features of this concept are: - High production; Mass distribution; Low costs.
This concept generally works in a developing country like Bangladesh.
Most of the product of PRAN are low in value and available everywhere.
PRAN is mainly concerned with making as many units as possible.
Designing a Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy
(Marketing concept)

The marketing concept is the philosophy that firm

should analyze the needs of its customers and then
make decisions according to the goal of firm to satisfy
those needs, better than the competition GOAL
PRAN Food ltd goal:
To gain Customer loyalty
To gain competitive advantage over all the competitors
To double sales and expand production capacity every
7-8 years
To be one of the biggest name in international fruit
and vegetables processing industry
Designing a Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy
(Societal marketing)

(Human welfare)


Consumer Company
(want function) Profit
Corporate Social responsibility of pran Food
Promise to the Promise to consumer Promises to the Other social support
environment employee

Community Aims at building trust Equals opportunities Helping mosques

Forestation: To save through clear given in the every field Working together
green planet communication. irrespective of gender, with red crescent.
Efficient treatment Provides right cast, religion. Collecting and
plant(ETP): To ensure information Selection is done donating blood
safe disposal of Listen to consumers based on merit and Working with save
factory wastages suggestions, claims, qualification. the children.
Heat recovery Boiler: feedback to avoid any Free and subsidized
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operation conception.
Designing a Customer-Driven Marketing
-States and country
-Urban area
-Rural area
Segmentation Demographic
Designing a
Target Market
Customer-Driven Targeting -Several Counties
Marketing Strategy -Urban and rural people
-People from 6-50 years old

-Supreme Quality

Positioning -Pioneer in Agro-based industry

-Upgraded MIS
-Justified price