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5 System software
1.5.1 Operating system
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The system management software is responsible for the management and functioning of a
Computer. The system management software manages the operation of microprocessor, input/
Output devices, storage devices and provides environment to run the application programs.
There are basically three types of system management software.

1)Operating system software

2) Device driver
3) System utility software

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Operating system is a system software that manages computer hardware
and software that provides service to computer program.

Examples ; Linux,DOS,OS/2

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1) Operating System is the basic necessity of a computer for providing functionality to it.

2)Operating System makes computer workable and enables a user to communicate with the computer.

3) It is the special set of programs that controls and coordinates the entire functioning of computer
4) It enables the computer hardware to run properly.
4) The operating system in the computer acts as an interface between a user and hardware or
Application software.
5) It controls and manages all the internal operations like reading data from the input devices,
transferring data or information to output and storage devices, etc.
6) It provides Working environment for other programs to run on the computer. No application
software can run without operating system software.
7) When a computer is turned on, the operating system .Software is loaded into memory from the
storage device in order to control and Manage computer hardware7/10/2017
and software
Function of OS

i. It manages and controls input/output devices.

ii. It manages computer memory (RAM and Secondary storage device).
iii. It provides the working environment to run other software.
iv. It interprets and executes the commands or instructions of
application programs.
v. It notifies the user about any fault that may occur in the computer.

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The key management tasks carried out by the operating system are as

1) User system interface

2) program hardware interface
3) Resource management
4) Memory management
5) Device management
6) File management
7) security management

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User-system interface
Its needed to allow the user to get hardware and software to do something useful.
a command_ line interface
a graphical user interface

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Program write or create software and users run softwares.
The operating system has to provide the mechanism for the execution of
the developed program.

Resource management

It provide scheduling of process.

Resolution of conflicts when two process require the same resource.

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Memory protection ensures that one program doesnt try to use the same
memory location as another program.

o Installation of the appropriate device driver software.

o Control of usage by process.

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It access control mechanism

Ensuring data privacy

Provision for recovery when data is lost

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