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At the end of this chapter, we will become familiar with:

Actions that should be taken when closing the project

Conducting a post-project evaluation

The importance of documenting lessons learned

The need to organize and archive project documents

Obtaining feedback from the customer about the project

Early termination of projects

The process of closing the projects involves:
Collecting and making final payments
Recognizing and evaluating staff
Conducting a post-project evaluation
Documenting lessons learned
Organizing and archiving project documents
Once all payments have
been received and made,
the project books or
accounting records, can be
closed, and a financial
analysis of the project can
be made in which final
actual costs are compared
to the project baseline
During the closing phase of the project, the
project manager should prepare a written
performance evaluation of each member of the
project team that mentions how each has
expanded his or her knowledge as a result of the
project assignment and identifies areas that he
or she needs to develop further.
- To review and
evaluate performance of
the project and to identify
what can be done to
improve performance on
future projects.
Types of meeting:
1. Individual meeting
-allows team members to give their personal
impressions of performance of the project and what can be
done better on future projects.
-confidential and allows project manager to identify
common issues
2. Group meeting
- project manager should lead a discussion of
what happened during the performance of the project and
solicit specific recommendations for improvement.

1. Technical performance
Work Scope
Managing changes

2. Budget performance

3. Schedule performance

4. Project planning and control

5. Risk Management

6. Customer Relationships

7. Team Relationships

8. Communications

9. Problem Identification and Resolution

10. Lessons Learned

11. Recommendations for future projects

- to capitalize on the
knowledge and experience gained
on the project in order to improve
performance of future
The project organization should establish a
knowledge base system.

Documenting lessons learned should be on an

ongoing basis.

Information regarding learned and associated

recommendations from internal post-project
evaluation meetings and from feedback from
customer should also be incorporated.