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Informative Speech

"A Million Trees Million hopes"

We need to realize that the tree is the future hope of our children and
grandchildren, but in fact the trees in Indonesia has been exhausted due to the
many theft of wood. Can also be caused by the rise of buildings and land
processing that exist in the city and in the countryside. We took file from RMOL
"That To date, out of 130.68 million hectares of national forests, 41 million
hectares of forests are bare. Means there are roughly millions of trees that have
been cut. As a result of timber theft, the country is estimated to have lost trillions
of rupiah.
We already know the number of natural disasters in our country, such as: floods,
landslides, forest fires and so on, so let us both support and participate in the
government program that is Planting 1 Billion Real Action Trees to green
Indonesia, Our society becomes prosperous, environmentally friendly and
pollution-free. The Ministry of Forestry has boosted a 1.5 billion tree planting
program in Indonesia to support 2,691 GHG emission reductions primarily
through sustainable forest management. It is part of a mitigation plan through
1.6 million ha of tree planting activity annually on degraded and degraded
Understanding of planting 1 billion trees is a Tree is the source of life for all
humanity. Trees are used in the field of Food and Industry which is finally used
by humans. As we have seen, the effects of the trees being heavily harvested for
various needs give rise to floods and create hot air. Therefore there must be
action from ourselves and the community to take action to plant trees.
So we need to plant a thousand trees in a good way, the way is:
1. Take the plant in polybags. Then we make a hole size 30 x 30 x 30 cm.
2. At the time of digging, we separate the ground from the top and bottom. Holes
left open for 1 week. Ground origin mixed with manure with a ratio of 1 part
fertilizer, 2 parts of soil.
3. Return the ground from the bottom into the hole. Remove the seeds from the
polybag carefully so as not to damage the roots.
4. Put the seeds into the hole. Plants are given a support of bamboo or wood. Then
blow the hole with the top soil that has been mixed with fertilizer. Soil compacted.
Keep it lower than the land of origin. Can be with legs, hands, or tools.
5. Pour in moderation morning and evening. Take care to water regularly and
provide fertilizers and pesticides. While holding the seeds, which is held polybag
it, not the plant.
The benefits we get from planting a thousand trees, among others:

1. The environment is clean

2. Can avoid the danger of landslides
3. Air becomes fresh
4. can produce clean oxygen
5. lungs become healthy because it always breathe clean air
6. Avoid the disease caused by air pollution.