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Chapter 5
It refers to a global connection of computer network.
Inter for international
Net for network
How to access INTERNET?
Internet Service Provider (ISP) internet is accessible to
anyone using PC, smart phone, tablet, etc..

Used in education, business, medicine,

government and individuals.
5.1 Internet Development
Advance Research Project Agency (ARPANet) of U.S.
Department of Defence
- started as a military project that would serve as a
What is Network?
Anetworkis a collection of computers, servers,
mainframes, or other devices connected to one another
allowing for data to be shared and used.

Types of Network
A. Local Area Network (LAN) a collection of computer
network equipment and resources that enable sharing
and distribution of information in an limited distance.
B. Wide Area Network (WAN) a bigger network, these
are geographically dispersed.
Internet Architecture
A. Internet Protocol (IP) Addressing all computers
connected to the network must have their own unique
address or hostname.


192.168 is a network
1.35 is a host
Internet Architecture
B. Domain Naming System
- What does mean?
- Is a user friendly name called DNS
- A domain name takes care of associating a given DNS
name to its IP
3 Letter Zones
.edu - Educational
.net - Network Example:
.gov - Government
.com - Commercial
.org - Organization
If the zone is two letters long, it is a geographical name.
Basic Internet Services
Internet provides services. Some of the popular are
listed below:
E-mail (Electronic mail) Is faster and timely way of sending
mail (yahoomail, gmail)
Mailing Lists, A means for users to electronically
Discussion Groups corresponds as a group and usually
associated with a special interest.
(yahoo group)
Remote Logins A means for users to logon to an
internet fileserver; user can engage in
friendly chat and use server resources.
(yahoo messenger, skype, facebook)
Search Engines Provide users with the ability to search
for specific information
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
A company that provides internet connection services to the
general public.
Philippines (ISP) PLDT, SMART, GLOBE TELECOM, etc..

Connection to the internet may be made in a number of ways.

1. Broadband Connection
2. Dial up Connection
3. Direct Connection
4. WI-FI wireless