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Chapter 1

Lets Do It!
Whats on this chapter?
Expressions to offer someone to do

Responding to an offer to do something

Expressions to offer an invitation

Responding to an invitation

Cultural awareness
Expressions To Offer Someone To Do
When you offer a person to do something,
you suggest him/her to do it together with

Remember!! You must not insist him/her to

do it. you should honor their decision.
To offer someone to do something, we can use
some of the following expressions:

How about (or what about) + v-ing/noun ?

How about (or what about) going to the cinema?
Why dont + we/you + V ?
Why dont we go to the beach while its sunny?
Why not + V ?
Why not do this again later?
To offer someone to do something, we can use
some of the following expressions:

We could/should + V
We could go to the cinema instead of just
staying in.
Shall we + V ?
Shall we go before it starts raining?
Lets + V
Its raining cats and dogs. Lets just stay in and
watch some DVDs.
Responding To An Offer
To Do Something

Thats a good idea/that sounds good
Sure, if you like.
Yes, I don t mind.

I think Id rather do to the

Refusing I dont think its a good idea.
Sorry I cant.
Expressions To Offer
An Invitation

First, you may check the persons

availability before extending an invitation.
You may ask them the following.
Are you free next Sunday?
Are you busy on Wednesday?
What are you doing on Tuesday?
Expressions To Offer An Invitation
Formal Informal
Id like you to come to dinner. Do you fancy a walk?

Id like to ask you to come to Do you fancy jogging in the park

my housewarming party. with me?
Would you like to go to the Are you up for a night out?
theatre with me on Saturday Are you up for going out
evening? tonight?

I wondered/was wondering if Do you feel like a chess game?

youd like to come to my
birthday party on Sunday.
I would very much like it if you Do you feel like going to the
could come along. cinema?
When you fancy something, it means that
you want to do it right now.
Would you like means Do you want
to? but is more polite.
I wonder/ was wondering is also a more
polite way of inviting someone.
Accepting An Invitation
Formal Informal
Thank you. Id be glad to. Id love to.

Yes, thank you. Id be very Im up for that.

Thank you so much for Oh, Id love that. What
inviting me. time?
Yes, Id love to. Thatd be fun.

That sounds lovely.

OK/Sure/Great/All right.
Declining An Invitation
Formal Informal
Im sorry. Ill be very busy Oh no, Im meeting (or Ive
tomorrow night. got to meet) someone
then. Maybe another
Im afraid thats not so I really appreciate the
good for me, what about invite, but sorry, I cant
after lunch. make it.
I would love to, but I cant. Maybe next (or another)
Ive already had another time?
Cultural awareness
There are ways be more polite in offering to
do something. To soften the offers, we can
use perhaps and maybe with modal could
and should, as well as I think:
Maybe we could go together to the party.
Perhaps we should go inside.
I think we should go over the proposal once more.

We may use could rather than should in a formal

situation, because you will sound as if youre proposing a
good idea, rather than giving advice.
Lets practice!
Make an offer from these activities.

Play football
Going to

Having tea