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Fire fighting

Fire fighting

:Type of fire

hydrocarbon fire- 1
filmable and Combustible Gas and- 2
liquids fire
electrical fire- 3
metal fire- 4
Fire triangle



Fire fighting
We can classify fire fighting to two
: types

Fire Alarm System- 1

Fire Fighting System- 2

Fire Alarm System

:There are two types of fire alarm system

Addressable System- 1

Conventional system- 2
Conventional Detection
Zone based detection principle

Zone 3

Zone 1
Zone 2

Zone 4
Addressable System- 1
:Components of fire alarm system

control panel- 1

smoke detectors- 2
Components of fire alarm system
heat detectors- 3

beam detectors- 4
Components of fire alarm system

flam detectors- 5

linear heat detectors- 6

Components of fire alarm system

manual call point- 7

break glass- 8

emergency light- 9

emergency exit light- 10

Stages of Fire

Up to 1% Alarm 2

100% Alarm 1
PrePre Alarm
Alarm 2 2
Pre Alarm 1

3 44

types of fire fighting system
water system- 1

Foam system- 2

gas separation system- 3

fire Extinguisher ( portable type &- 4

Automatic ceiling hung mounted)
water system
:water system

Hydrant System- 2

sprinklers system- 3
Foam system

Foam system can be

used for flammable
fire such as: oil tanks ,
fuel pump room etc.
gas separation system
Type of gas system:

FM 200
Aragon + Nitrogen
gas separation system
:Uses of gas system

1- data rooms
2- computer room
3- transformer rooms ( if its closed)
Fire extinguisher
:Type of fire extinguisher

pressure type- 1
cartridge type- 2
:Such as
.co2, DCP, foam ..etc-
Fire fighting pumps

1- diesel pump
2- electrical pump
3- jockey pump

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