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A Project Report On

Miss. Nilesha Namdev Mahale

Prof. S. P. Jadhav Sir Prof. Pooja Mehakark

Head Of Dept. Project Guide

R. A. Arts M. K. Commerce S. R. Rathi Science College.

Reserve Bank Of India
To regulate the issue of bank notes.
To maintain reserves with a view to
securing monetary stability.
To operate the credit & currency system
of the country.
Board of RBI
Bank affairs are governed by Central Board of
Central Board consists of Official and Non-
Official appointed by Govt. of India for a
period of four years.
Official Directors include Governor and not
more than 4 Deputy Governor.
RBI having four local boards in 4 regions to
represent territorial and economic interest of
local co-operative & indigenous banks.
Legal Framework
Umbrella Acts which form the basis of its very
Acts which govern the specific function of
apex body.
Acts which govern the Banking operation.
Acts which govern the individual institutions.
Main Functions of Reserve Bank
of India
Maintenance of Price Level.
Regulator & Supervisor of the financial
Manager of Foreign Exchange.
Issuance & Replacement of Currency.
Functions of Various Departments
of RBI
Urban Banks Department: RBI regulates
the interest rates on deposits & advances,
also prescribing min reserves & liabilities to be
maintained. Also refinance facilities to state
co-operative banks.
Rural Planning & Credit Department:
Facilitating credit to rural, agriculture & small
scale industries, Policy on priority sector
lending, support to NABARD etc.
Foreign Exchange
Timely realization of export proceeds and
Licensing banks to deal in foreign exchange,
collecting data related to forex transactions
from authorized dealers on daily basis for
exchange rate management.
Also laying down policy guidelines for risk
management to forex transactions in bank
Department of Banking
Undertaking scheduled and on-site
inspections of banks
Determining the criteria for the appointment
of statutory auditors and assessing audit
performance and disclosure standards.
Dealing with financial sector frauds and
attending the complaints received against
banks and FIs from public, banks &
To promote & foster a sound & competitive
banking system.
Laying down regulations relating to capital
adequacy, asset classification, provision for
loan, investment valuation, accounting &
disclosure standards and risk management
Licensing of new banks, expansion of foreign
and domestic banks, approval for setting up of
Functions of Various Departments
of RBI
Department of Information Technology:
Computerization in RBI
Legal Department: To tender legal advice
on various matters referred by the operational
departments/offices/associates of the reserve
Department of Govt. and Bank Accounts:
Acting as a banker to the banks, administering
public debt of both central & state govt.
Functions of Various Departments
of RBI
Monetary Policy Department: Preparation
of monetary budget, periodic review of
monetary, review of CRR & SLR stipulations,
analysis of data on developments in money
Internal Debt Management Dept.:
Managing Internal Debt, Auctioning the govt.
Debt from time to time, Introduction of new
instruments, smoothening the maturity
structure of debt.
Department of Economic Analysis
and Policy
Analyzing the basic issues & problems
affecting the Indian economy.
Serves as a primary source of data &
information relating to aspects of Indian
Prepares monetary & credit aggregates,
balance of payments and external debt
statistics, internal debt & govt. finance
statistics, and flow of funds & financial