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Vishwakarma Government

Engineering College, Chandkheda

Name : Navneet Kasundra
En No. : 130170119013
Branch : Mechanical (Sem II)
Division : E
E-mail :
Mobile : 8690239123
Guided By : Dipak Bhatt

Who is contributor.??
Any person who motivates you
by his thought or by his work is
called contributor.
In this assignment we are finding
the real life contributor as
instructed In this assignment there
is a question answer sensation
about their life history in detail.

Goal :

To recognise contributor Qualities in action and

understand why contributors are wanted/sought after by all who work
with them.

An interview of a Police sub inspector

Mr. Savan Raiyani

Contributor Details








Interviewer : So Mr. Raiyani how tough it was to become a PSI ?
Raiyani : It was not so easy to become sub inspector. It required a
lot of effort to reach at this designated position.
Interviewer : How did you managed to pass this exam ?
Raiyani : I daily read newspapers and I improved my G K by
readind various knowledge books. I also read many inspirational
books. I was good at physics and maths.
Interviewer : what kind of workers do you like to work with you?
Raiyani : I like honest and self disciplined workers.

Interviewer : What kind of challenges did you face

till now ?
Raiyani : Uptill now I have failed some times, I
have been rejected in interviews, But I never lost
my hope.
Interviewer : Inspite of such failures how did you
manage to become a PSI?
Raiyani : I never lost confidence in myself. I
worked hard and my effort helped me to become

Interviewer : so Mr. Raiyani, what message you want give to our

younge generation ?
Raiyani : Corruption can only be stopped by you and you are the
future of this country.
Interviewer : Best of luck sir and we wish you to continue helping
Raiyani : Thank you very much. Jai Hind.

Thank you
Presented by :- Navneet Kasundra