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The Four Rightly Guided

By : Irtaza Shahid

Hazrat Abu Bakr

He was born in 573 AD. He was the first caliph. His rule was for two years as caliph. He
Put an end to The Apostasy movement Crushed rebellions that threatened the muslims and
the Islamic region,Freed slaves,Secured Arabian Peninsula,Quran came in a text format
He changed his name to Abdullah to Abdul Kabbah. An expert in raising camels , earned
him the name Abu Bakr, which means Father of Young Camels. He lived a very pious life
and belonged to a very wealthy family. Hazrat Abu Bakr was the first person to testify
messengers events.First male to convert into Islam.Hazrat Abu Bakr sacrificed everything
at his disposal,he read prayers when Holy Prophet was ill,he stuck to the Prophets
rules,Message to offer allegiance and fought against his son and protected prophet from

Hazrat Umar
He was the second caliph of Islam. He was born in 579 AD, and he was assassinated on
November 3rd, 644 AD. He was the most influential and powerful caliph. He got his
Khlaifat in 644 AD. He was given the title Ameer Ul Momineen. He participated in 5
battles. The Battle of Badr, Battle of Uthad, Battle of Trench, Khyber Expedition and
Battle of Hunain. His greatest achievement was The Conquest of Jerusalem. The policies
at his time and he followed were Democracy, Majlis-e- Shura, Majlis-e- Aam, censorship,
public welfare/ Bait ul maal , defense system, Adl Law Injustice, he introduced judiciary,
jails, police, and irrigation. He and Prophet Muhammad shared the same ancestors,
Kaaaab. His life was very hard as a child, because his father was very harsh. He gave

Hazrat Usman
He was the third caliph of Islam. Hazrat Usman was born in 573 AD. He
belonged to Banu Umayyah.Hazrat Usman was a shy person. In his
seven year rule, his life was full of riots. He accomplished of providing
water wells. At his time there was a compilation of Quran. He put up a
mailing system and he was told by Hazrat Abu Bakr to accept Islam. He
embraced Islam when he was 34 years old. He had an Islamic brother
Aas bin Tabhit. He was given the title of Ghani because of his wealth. He
learned the Holy Quran by heart.

Hazrat Ali
Hazrat Ali was the fourth caliph of Islam. He got married at the age of
24. He was born in Makkah. He was a scholar. His famous collection of
speeches is Nahjatul Balagha. His swords name was Zulfiqar. Hazrat Ali
was born in 601 AD. His surname was Abu Turab. He was martyred on
the @1st of Ramadan in Kufa. His rule was 4 years and 9 months. His
mother's name was Hazrat Fatima and his father's name was Abu Talib.
He was given his name by his mother. Hazrat Ali was a flag bearer in
wars. He was titled Haider e Karrar.

When Hazrat Ali died, the muslim community came to an end. People
fighted for ruling, and life changed in every way. Without these caliphs
Islam would have been not spread, and today Islam wouldn't be in the
same way. They accomplished goals and never backed out of anything.
Quran wouldn't have been finished, and people wouldn't have followed