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Man; His Creation, His Purposes and His


in Islam is a multidimensional
creature; stands between the material
and spiritual worlds and partakes the
nature of both.
God has originated him from clay. Due
to this bodily dimension, man needs
resources of the material world for his
personal growth and social fulfillments.


Qur`an addresses mankind in two

dimensions. First, man is addressed in
behaviors; as such man takes several
integral features and attributes, such as
Insan (human being),
Bashar (man kind)
Bani Adam (children of Adam)


He who has made perfect everything
He has created and He began the
creation of man from clay


employs terms such as

Khilafah (vicegerency ,stewardship),
Taqwa (piety),
Iman (belief / faith),
Islam (total submission to God
In opposite terms, Qur`an employs terms such as
Fujur (immorality),
Kufur (disbelief),
Nifaq (hypocrisy) .

man :creationvs evolution:


is Gods creature just like other created beings

-created in best pattern
God fashioned Adam
-organized into a human being, produces an extract, sulalah
(reproductive semen). When injected into the womb, this semen
undergoes a creative process, as has been described in the Quran.
stated in (al-mukminun:12-14.)
And certainly We created man of an extract of clay; Then We placed
him as (a drop of) sperm in a place of rest, firmly fixed; Then We
made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We
made a (foetus) lump; then we made out of that lump bones and
clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it another
creature. So blessed be Allah, the best to create!


way living things develop over

million years
created by Charles Darwin
-a thinker with a theory of evolution.
Darwin's theory of evolution: Darwin's
theory of evolution maintained that all
living beings emerged as a result of
chance and thus denied Creation.

There are more than a million species living on

the earth. Anyone who uses his reason would
understand that life is the work of a perfect and
supreme creation.

The idea that life is the product of an

uncontrolled, purposeless process of coincidence
is a 19th century myth. Looking at the matter
from the primitive level of the science of the
period, evolutionists assumed that life was very


branches of science like

biochemistry, genetics, and
paleontology have demonstrated that
the claims that life originated as a result
of "coincidences" is deceptive.
Man is Gods creature just like other
created beings. But these creatures
have been made subservient to him.

status of man:

has been raised far above other


stated in (al-isra: 70). We have honoured

the sons of Adam; provided them with
transport on land and sea; given them for
sustenance things good and pure; and
conferred on them special favours, above a
great part of our creation.

The Purpose of Creation

It is He Who has
made you (His)
agents, inheritors
of the earth: He has
raised you in ranks,
some above others:
that He may try
you in the gifts He
has given you: for
your Lord is quick
in punishment: yet
He is indeed Oftforgiving, Most
(Al anam:165)




-one who exercise delegated power on
behalf of the Supreme Authority.
Allah does not create man UNLESS there is
purpose underlying in it.
Such as, man has responsibilities in
1. social
2. economic
3. political
4. religious


constitution with which the

child is born.
Prophet is reported to have said every
child is born with a true faith (i.e. to
worship none but Allah alone) but his
parents convert him to Judaism,
Christianity or Magainism

senses of man

use for hearing and etc.


use for feeling


use to feel hungry


sleeping,our ruh awake.

10 stages of living
1. jannah
2. arwah
3. arham
4. dunya
5. barzakh
6. qiyamah(end)
7. hisab(judgement)
8. mizan(balance)
9. sirat(bridge)
10. jannah or jahannam

In Conclusion
we can conclude that,
Man was created by God
Man was not created in a moment
Man was created from an origin of his
own species.