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Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Adobe PhotoShop
Photoshop helps you complete any

image-editing task efficiently

Abdul Hameed Shaikh


layers, you can work on one

element without disturbing others.
To rearrange elements, simply shift the
order in the Layers palette.
You can lock
layers to prevent
accidental changes, hide them to get a
clear view of the element you're working
on, and link layers to move them as a
Abdul Hameed Shaikh

History palette
Undo or redo multiple steps with the

History palette.

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Options bar

Or (Tool Box)


tool options bar gives you

instant access to different settings
for the tool you're using.

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Customizable workspace
Personalize your Photoshop desktop

by arranging a layout of palettes and

saving the arrangement as a

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Selection tools

the click-and-drag marquee

tools, to magnetic selection tools
that snap to the edges of an
element, to the pen tool that lets you
define a shape precisely, Photoshop
offers a range of shape-selection

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Using the lasso, polygonal

lasso, and magnetic lasso
The lasso and polygonal lasso tools
let you draw both straight-edged and
freehand segments of a selection
With the magnetic lasso tool
(Photoshop), the border snaps to the
edges of defined areas in the image.

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

magic wand tool

The magic wand tool lets you select

a consistently colored area (for

example, a red flower) without
having to trace its outline. You
specify the color range, or tolerance,
for the magic wand tool's selection.

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Crop Tool
Cropping is the process of removing

portions of an image to create focus

or strengthen the composition.

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Brush Tool
Working with brushes is an important

part of using the painting and editing

tools. The brush you select determines
many characteristics of the resulting
Photoshop and Image Ready provide a
variety of preset brushes to fill a wide
range of uses. In Photoshop, you can
also create custom brushes using the
Brushes palette.
Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Using Brush Platte

The Brushes palette lets you select

preset brushes and design custom


Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Selecting a blending mode

The blending mode specified in the

options bar controls how pixels in the

image are affected by a painting or
editing tool. It's helpful to think in
terms of the following colors when
visualizing a blending mode's effect:

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Healing Brush Tool


healing brush tool lets you correct

imperfections, causing them to disappear into
the surrounding image. Like the cloning tools,
you use the healing brush tool to paint with
sampled pixels from an image or pattern.
However, the healing brush tool also matches
the texture, lighting, and shading of the
sampled pixels to the source pixels

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Art History Brush tool

The art history brush tool lets you

paint with stylized strokes, using the

source data from a specified history
state or snapshot

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Clone Stamp Tool

The clone stamp tool takes a sample

of an image, which you can then

apply over another image or part of
the same image.

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Pattern Stamp tool

The pattern stamp tool lets you paint

with a pattern. You can select a

pattern from the pattern libraries or
create your own patterns.

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Gradient Tool
The gradient tool creates a gradual

blend between multiple colors. You

can choose from preset gradient fills
or create your own.

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Paint Bucket Tool

The paint bucket tool fills adjacent

pixels that are similar in color value

to the pixels you click.

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Background Eraser tool

The background eraser tool lets you

transparency as you drag; this allows
you to erase the background while
maintaining the edges of an object in
the foreground

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

toning tools (Dodge, Burn,

The toning tools consist of the dodge

tool and the burn tool.

Used to lighten or darken areas of the
image, the dodge and burn tools are
based on a traditional photographer's
technique for regulating exposure on
specific areas of a print. Photographers
hold back light to lighten an area on
the print (dodging) or increase the
exposure to darken areas on a print
Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Color correction
Photoshop offers two basic methods

for adjusting color in an image. Use

the options in the Image >
Adjustments menu

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Paragraph Type
When you enter paragraph type, the

lines of type wrap to fit the

dimensions of the bounding box. You
can enter multiple paragraphs and
select a paragraph justification
Horizontal Type Tool

Vertical Type Tool

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Creating a type selection

When you use the horizontal type

mask tool or vertical type mask tool

you create a selection in the shape
of the type. Type selections appear
on the active layer, and can be
moved, copied, filled, or stroked just
like any other selection.

Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Path Selection Tool

You can reposition a path component

(including a shape in a shape layer)

anywhere within an image.

Abdul Hameed Shaikh