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New Castle County

Divisionof Police
Keys to Success
in the hiring process

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Brief History of the
New Castle County Police

New Castle County


In 1911, the County Rural Police was establishment.

In 1920, even though our officers were considered to be
Highway Patrol. These officers were the beginning of
Community Policing officers.
In 1965, there was a complete revision of Delaware Law
pertaining to the police. A Director was named and the official
title of the force was changed to the
New Castle County Police.

New Castle County


In 1988, the New Castle County Police

Department became the 88th law enforcement
agency in the nation to be accredited by the
Commission on Accreditation for Law
Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

In 1993, the Domestic Violence Unit was created

and New Castle County Police Detectives
became recognized as national leaders in
pioneering domestic violence law enforcement.

New Castle County


In 1997, the department implemented the Community

Policing Enhancement Program which provided every
officer of the department a take home police car and
laptop computer; an office on wheels.
In 2000, the New Castle County Police Academy was built.
In 2007, The New Castle County Police moved its
day to day operations into this new, state of the art,
Cpl. Paul J. Sweeney Public Safety Building.

New Castle County


The New Castle County Police department has

become a recognized leader throughout the
nation in a variety of policing innovations.

New Castle County


Authorized strength of 400 sworn officers.

Primary jurisdiction in New Castle County.
426 square miles of territory.
Approx. 552,778 citizens that we serve.
We are a full service police agency which
consists of the following units:
Patrol, Detectives, Community Services, Mounted, Special
Operations, CSI, K9, SWAT, etc.

New Castle County


In 2015 we responded to 134,509 calls for service.

Those calls included:

Sex Crimes:

Success in the Hiring

Success in the Hiring Process

Requires that you:

BE a person of character.
Honesty, loyalty, integrity, honor, duty, judgment,
initiative, self-discipline, dependability, will to
succeed and serve others. KNOW YOURSELF!
BE on time, on point and on your game.
Punctuality, focus, preparation
BE aware that you are entering a professional

Success in the Hiring Process

Requires that you:

KNOW interpersonal skills.
Communication, teamwork, empathy
KNOW conceptual skills.
Ability to apply ideas and concepts in the real
work environment.
KNOW your motivation for the job.
Why do you want to be in law enforcement?
KNOW what is required of you at each step of the
hiring process.

Success in the Hiring Process

Requires that you:

DO adhere to a higher standard.
DO research the agencies you have submitted
DO exploit opportunities to speak with officers
from those agencies.
DO prepare yourself.
Physically, mentally

Success in the Hiring Process

Its not about you


Public Service
Accomplishing the mission
Achieving agency goals

Success in the Hiring Process

There are no shortcuts

Success requires a conscious, daily commitment
first to the process, then to the academy, and then
to your career.

The Police Academy

Our Police Academy is located in Newark, Delaware.

This modern building is approx. 16,000 square ft.
facility which is the venue for instruction to new
recruits throughout the state.
It is the objective of the New Castle County Police
Recruit Training Program to provide the necessary
knowledge and skills that will enable each recruit to
perform those tasks that are required of a New Castle
County Police Officer or a Municipal Officer within the

The Police Academy

The Police Academy

An important part of police work, and thus the Recruit Training

Program, is establishment of discipline. As a result, various rules
and regulations have been established which ensure the efficient
and effective operation of the Recruit Training Program.

The atmosphere of a Recruit Training Program may be described

as Modified Stress, or stress with a purpose. It is imperative
that all members of the Academy Staff equally impose militarylike discipline and control on members of the recruit class.

New Castle County Police Academys academic training as well

as physical training, is rigorous.

The Police Academy

The Police Academy usually lasts approximately six months and

is generally conducted during week days starting at 6-7:00 am.

Due to time constraints, recruits may be required to work on

recognized holidays.

Recruits are required to attend all classes and training

throughout the academy.

We do not host an overnight academy. Our academy is

designed to help recruits begin to adjust to the law
enforcement lifestyle. This will present its own challenges.

The Police Academy

You dont rise to the occasion, you fall to your

highest level of training.
Unknown Army Colonel

The Written Examination

This examination is designed to measure

general abilities which are obtained through
lifetime education and experience.

At the time of the test you will also turn in

your completed
investigation supplement.

Fitness Screening

Candidates are evaluated in the

areas of aerobic capacity, flexibility,
upper body and abdominal strength

Fitness Screening

Standard Norm

1.5 Mile Run 15:37

300 Meter Sprint 70.00 Seconds
Push-ups: 16 in 1 minute
Sit-ups: 26 in 1 minute

Eligibility List

Provided that you pass the written and fitness

tests, your name will be placed on an eligibility
list for a period of one year.
Your name will be forwarded to the Police
Department for further consideration.

Oral Board Interview

Chosen applicants will be interviewed by a panel

of two or three representatives of the New Castle
County Police Department.
A writing sample will be required at the start of
the interview.
You may be fingerprinted and photographed at
the conclusion of the interview.

Oral Board Interview

The following areas will be examined by the

board to determine the applicants suitability
in filling the position of police officer:
Communication Skills
Decision Making

Polygraph Examination

Chosen applicants will be administered a

pre-employment polygraph examination to
determine the veracity of the information
The interview and examination will
encompass prior criminal activity, use of
illegal controlled substances and intoxicants,
driving, employment and personal history.

Polygraph Examination

These topics are not all-inclusive and other

areas may be investigated during the
polygraph examination.
Applicants must be upfront and forthcoming
with all information to successfully fulfill the
requirements of the polygraph examination.
Deception and/or misleading of information
will result in immediate rejection.

Background Investigation

A thorough background investigation will be

conducted by an experienced investigator,
and will encompass work history and
relationships including friends, associates
and family.
The investigation will also focus on the
applicants general conduct. In addition, a
review of the applicants criminal, financial
and traffic history will be conducted.

Required Documentation

All documentation must be submitted within the

time period specified by Professional Development
Unit Commander.
Failure to submit required documentation within
the timeline will result in suspension in the hiring

Required Documentation

Background Supplement booklets must be

completely filled in with no blank or missing
The booklet must be completed in the
Applicants own handwriting and shall not
be copied or completed with the assistance
of a computer.

Required Documentation

College transcripts must be submitted in an

envelope sealed by the institution.
Any opened transcripts will be accepted as a
temporary submittal until the certified copies
are received by the Professional Development
If an opened transcript is submitted, a receipt
from the institution showing a transcript has
been requested must also be submitted.

Required Documentation

Original birth certificates, drivers licenses, social

security cards, and /or nationalization documentation
will be brought to the Oral Board interview to be
These items will be returned to the Applicant by the
Professional Development Unit.

Required Documentation

Complete copies of all four pages of the Military DD-214

must be returned with the Background supplement book.
If the DD-214 is not available, a copy of the completed
Standard Form 180 shall be submitted along with a
receipt of delivery from the U.S. Postal Service to the
appropriate records retention facility.
You may be required to submit your original DD-214

Required Documentation

Complete copies of expunged records shall be

produced by the Applicant and submitted along
with the background supplement booklet.

Required Documentation

Any additional documentation, such as tax returns,

performance evaluations, or other information
pertinent to the background investigation shall be
provided as requested in a timely manner. Failure to
do so will result in the background investigation
being suspended.

Required Documentation

Falsification of any documentation will result in

automatic disqualification in the hiring process.

Selection Screening

If you are successful in all of the above phases of

the process, and if you are tentatively selected
for a vacancy, you may be made a conditional
offer of employment, contingent on your passing
a psychological and physical examination.

Psychological Examination

A written and oral psychological evaluation will

be conducted by a trained psychologist
designated by the County.

Physical Examination

All selected candidates must pass a Class 1a

County physical examination to include a
medical polygraph.

Selection for Employment

Having successfully passed all phases of the

selection process, you may be offered a permanent
position with our department.
After all phases are completed, selections for
employment will be made from a certified list of the
most qualified applicants by the Chief of Police.


If you are unsuccessful in any stage of the

examination process, do not show for an event, or if
you are not selected, you may reapply at any time
by resubmitting a formal application form, provided
there is a job announcement.
However, once you fail any three (3) processes, you
will not be permitted to reapply for a two-year
period from the date of your most recent
disqualification letter.
No shows will be counted as a failed attempt.

Tattoo and Body Modification



The purpose of this policy is to establish personal appearance

guidelines exceeding personal hygiene and grooming
standards. The New Castle County Division of Police
recognizes the personal appearance of its sworn personnel,
when in the public eye, has a direct impact on public
confidence and thereby on the ability of individual personnel
to perform their official duties. It is the policy of the New
Castle County Division of Police that sworn members maintain
a professional appearance that will encourage public
confidence in the members of this department. As such, the
following policy will apply to sworn members, and potential
applicants of the New Castle County Division of Police.

Tattoo and Body Modification


Police Applicants

Potential applicants, applying for sworn employment with the division

shall be screened during applicant processing at which time a
determination shall be made as to whether an applicant is in violation
of this policy. In the event an applicant is found to be in violation of
this policy, and they are approved by the Chief of Police to proceed
through the hiring process, the potential applicant must agree to
have any and all visible tattoos, branding or body art in
violation of this policy, covered while on-duty or acting in any
official capacity as a New Castle County Police Officer. The
covering of the visible tattoos, branding or body art in violation of this
policy shall be to the satisfaction of the Chief of Police or his/her
designee. This agreement by the potential employee will be
memorialized in the form of an official signed acknowledgement which
will be maintained in the employees official divisional personnel file.
Any violation of this policy by a potential applicant may result in
disqualification from the hiring process.

Contact Information

OFC Andrea Laws

3601 N. DuPont Highway
New Castle, DE 19720
Or Ofc. J. Cumberbatch

This is a door to opportunity.

Open it .