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The Storyline

nave young woman Andrea Sachs comes

to New York and scores a job as the assistant
to one of the citys biggest magazine editors,
the ruthless and cynical Mirinda Priestly.


movie depicts the world of fashion and

corporate America. Anne Hathaway,
portrays a normal girl struggling to fit in
and excel in this new world.


The Cast

What Is Power?

A capacity that A has to influence the behavior of B,

so that B acts in accordance with As wishes.

Bases of power
Coercive Power- Power that is based on fear
( )
Legit Power- Power as a result of position in
Reward Power-Power that is based on the ability to
distribute rewards that are seen as valuable
Referent Power- Power based on admiration of
another person
Expert Power-Power based on specific skills or

Ethical Contexts

Cognitive Dissonance-: Any incompatibility between two

or more attitudes or between behavior and attitudes
Individuals seek to reduce this uncomfortable gap, or

dissonance, to reach stability and consistency

Consistency is achieved by changing the attitudes,

modifying the behaviors, or through rationalization

Organizational Citizenship Behavior-: Discretionary

employee behaviors that are helpful, but not absolutely
required by employers.

Altruism- Helping another person with organization

related task

Motivation Theories
Motivation- The driving force behind why we do the
things we do each day. It is what allows us to survive and be

McClellands Three needs theory


Herzbergs two factory theory

Hygiene factors

Vrooms Expectancy theory



Commitment- Organizational commitment is the bond employees

experience with their organization. Employees who are committed to
their organization generally feel a connection with their organization, feel
that they fit in and, feel they understand the goals of the organization.

Affective Commitment-They typically identify with the organizational

goals, feel that they fit into the organization and are satisfied with their

Continuance Commitment- Possible reasons for needing to stay with

organizations vary, but the main reasons relate to a lack of work
alternatives, and remuneration.

Normative Commitment-Employees feel that leaving their

organization would have disastrous consequences, and feel a sense of
guilt about the possibility of leaving.

Organizational Culture

Dominant culture Fear, Perfection, Stories

Autocratic Culture No idea generation and


Communication Gap - Unclear instructions

No work life balance Stressed personal lives

Politics To win at any cost

Other OB Principles in brief

Peoples behavior is based on the perception
of what reality is and not on reality itself
Group think
Phenomenon that occurs within a group of
people in which the desire for conformity
results in an irrational decision making
Surface level acting
The emotions shown are not always the
emotions felt

The Key take aways


are complex because they are

made up of different types of people
In order to grow, consider both positives and
negatives within organization
Identify behaviors, Adjust accordingly and create
strategies for survival as Andy did in the movie
Confidence can be cultivated, teamwork
embraced, and healthier relationships among
peers and superiors is possible
Dynamics are changing so must indivisuals and
policies which will ultimately lead to higher
productivity of organization

YOU !!