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Lola Lolay of Bahay na Bato

The Rizal Home

The Rizal Home

Deep well

Teodora Alonso

Born on November 8,
Educated at the College of
Santa Rosa
Diligent business-minded

wellmannered, religious, and
Possessed refined culture
and literary talents
Ran sugar and flourmills
and a small store in their

Doa Teodoras Ancestry

Eugenio Ursua



Manuel de

Brigida de



Lolay and the Young Rizal

Doa Teodora played an important role in the life of the
national hero
Lolay was the first teacher of the hero.
Doa Teodora induced Jose to loved the arts, literature
and the classics. Before he was eight years old, he had
written a drama which was performed at a local festival
and for which the municipal captain rewarded him two

I was nine years of age when my mother gave birth

to Jose. I recall it vividly because my mother suffered
great pain. She labored for a long time. Her pain was
later attributed to the fact that Joses head was bigger
than normal.

The Story of the


Lolay held regular

storytelling sessions
with the young Rizal,
she loved to read to
Pepe stories from the
book Amigo de los
Ninos (The Childrens
Lolay chose the story
about a daughter moth
who was warned by
her mother against
going to near a lamp

Many years later, Rizal himself felt that the

moths tale could serve as an allegory of his own
destiny. About himself he wrote:
Years have passed since then. The child has
become a man... Steamships have taken him
across seas and oceans... He has received
from experience bitter lessons, much more
bitter than the sweet lessons that his mother
gave him. Nevertheless, he has preserved the
heart of a child. He still thinks that light is the
most beautiful thing in creation, and that it is
worthwhile for a man to sacrifice his life for


Doa Teodora was remarkably against the idea of

sending Jose to Manila
If he learns more, he will only end up on a
Dont send him to Manila again; he knows enough.
If he gets to know more, the Spaniards will cut off
his head
Doa Teodora never ceased to worry about his
bright son.

Rizals Tio Jose Alberto

Jose Alberto - became the most historically significant
to Rizals family
- studied in a British school in Calcutta, India
- only legal son of Lorenzo Alberto
Dr. Bimbo Sta. Maria - officer of Bian-based organization,
United Artists for Cultural Conservation and Development
- Knights of the Order of Queen Isabella the Catholic
- his theory is correct

Doa Teodoras Imprisonment

When Rizal was just about to go to Manila, his mother was
thrown into prison.
Teodora Formosa sued Jose Alberto for allegedly trying to
poison her and incriminated Doa Teodora as his conspirator.
Albertos wife was aided by the Spanish lieutenant of the
Guardia Civil.
Barbara Cruz-Gonzales, great granddaughter of Rizals sister,
Maria, shared one detailed version of the poisoning accusation
based on the tales that circulate in the involved clans.
She was imprisoned in Sta. Cruz.
She was imprisoned for the second time for not calling
herself a Realonda de Rizal.

Teodoras Long

Rizals mother was

forced to walk rough
roads before being
locked up in the
prison cell in Sta.
Cruz, Laguna.
It had predated the
sufferings of the
infamous WW II
Death March.


Tiniente Kiko of

Domingo Lam-co
+ Ines de la Rosa
=Francisco Mercado

Juan Mercado
+ Cirila Alejandra

Francisco Mercado
+ Bernarda Monicha

=Francisco Mercado

= Juan Mercado

Don Francisco Engracio Rizal

Mercado was born on May 11, 1818
in Bian, Laguna
He took Latin and Philosophy at the
College of San Jose in Manila

gobernadorcillo in Calamba and thus
nicknamed Tiniente Kiko
Don Francisco died in Manila on
January 5, 1898 at the age of 80

Don Franciscos Influence to Rizal

His father provided him the exciting
experience of riding in a casco
Don Francisco gave Rizal a pony
named Alipato
Don Francisco chose Don Leon
Monroy to personally teach his son
the basics of Spanish and Latin
Don Francisco sent Jose to Ateneo

Jose was once persuaded by his

landlady Tandang Tinay to play the
card game panguinge
After the Cavite mutiny and
martyrdom of Gomburza, Jose heard
the word filibustero for the first time
Don Francisco along with Paciano
and Silvestre Ubaldo had escaped
from the clutch of their Spanish
persecutors and opted to join Jose in

Rizals Love for His Father

Jose carved a life size wood

sculpture of Don Francisco

My beloved father,
Pardon me for the pain with
which I repay you for sorrows
and sacrifices for my education.
I did not want nor did I prefer it.
Goodbye, Father, goodbye .

Paciano Rizal: Pinoy Hero's Big Brother

Paciano, the second of eleven children of Don
Francisco and Doa Teodora.
He is the only brother of Dr. Jose Rizal.

The Surname Rizal

Jose and Paciano could have been known as 'Lamco'
Domingo Lamco- their parental great-great grandfather.
"Mercado" means 'market'
'Ricial' means 'the green of young growth' or 'green
Don Francisco settled on the name 'Rizal Mercado' as a
compromise, and often just used his more known
surname 'Mercado'.
Commenting on using the name 'Rizal' in Ateneo, Jose
once wrote.

Pacianos Profile
Paciano Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda

Born on March 7, 1851 in Calamba, Laguna

He was fondly addressed by his siblings as 'or Paciano'
shot for 'Seior Paciano'.
Became a farmer, and later a general of the Philippine
Paciano had a very fair complexion and rosy cheeks.
His height is about 5'7 to 5'9.
Jose wrote a letter to Blumentritt: "Paciano is more refined
and serious than I, taller, more slender, and fairer in
complexion than I with a nose that is fine, beautiful and sharp
pointed, but he is bow-legged."

Paciano, Burgos, and the Gomburza

Paciano had been studying at College of San Jose.
Dr. Jose Burgos is a dignified and courageous Filipino priest.
Jose Burgos was seeking reform within the Catholic Church.
The Spanish friars took advantage of the mutiny by workers of
the Cavite Arsenal in 1872 to get rid of Gomez, Burgos, and
Zamora. They were falsely blamed for having stirred up the
mutiny, court-martialed, and convicted.
The Gomburza were executed on February 17, 1872 at
Bagumbayan by having garrote screwed into the backs of their
necks until the vertebrae cracked.

Paciano and the Spanish Authorities

Relationship with Jose Burgos
Paciano exhibited a firm character in
the face of the abusive Spanish
In November 1896, Paciano was
arrested while Jose was in Fort
Santiago prison
Paciano never sign any document that
could incriminate his brother to any

The Calamba Agrarian Trouble

Calamba Hacienda Question
Paciano as an elder son
Increased land rent, ridiculous fees for
irrigation services and other agricultural
improvements, excessive rates of
interest, tenants houses and belongings
were confiscated
Rizals report did not resolve the
agrarian trouble

Paciano as Calamba Leader

Calamba case appealed to the Real
Audiencia had been unjustly won by the
Tribunal Supremo
Marcelo H. del Pilar as their lawyer
Valeriano Weyler replaced the impartial
Emilio Terrero
Antonio Lopez husband of Narcisa,
Rizals sister

As Joses Second Father

Paciano brought him to Binan to study under the

tutelage of Justiniano Aquino Cruz

Rizal was said to have originally thought of taking

Rizal went to Spain while his brother will stay to
take good care of their parents.
Paciano sent him monthly stipend of 50 pesos
which was later reduced to only 35 for 5 years.
Paciano would tell him where to go and what to do.
Rizal returned home in 1887.
Rizal wants to marry Leonor
Paciano told him it was selfish of Rizal to marry
someone, only to leave her behind.