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Muzzammil Muhammad
Ali Rehan
Abdul Muqeet Saleem
Saad Ahmed Ansari

Before we get started, here is how

Nokia has been doing so far


Strong brand image

The largest mobile phone manufacturer in 1998.
Globally largest network of selling and distribution.
Exceptional consumer relationship

Perception of traditional mobile phones.
Negative brand image
Cannot keep up-to-date with the technology and consumer

Problems are not tiny

Emergence of Smartphones and

Competitive Rivalries

In 2002, Blackberry
In 2007, Apple
In 2010, Samsung

Now take a closer look on the Nokia

brand positioning and target market

Nokia Brand positioning

Connecting people by offering great and affordable mobile products
that enables billions of people worldwide to enjoy more of what life has
to offer

Target Market
Young and Tech-savvy is Nokias main Target Market.

To be back the way

Nokia was, it needs to
reposition itself

We will start with

some facts and
Market analysis

Most competitors have

positioned themselves as being
differentiated, innovative and
using advanced technology in
order to increase consumer

To be differentiated, Nokia does

not need to chase after the same
target market as the competitors

New Opportunities-Facts

The number of smartphone users divided by women 47% and

men 53%

New Opportunities-Facts
People between the ages of 25 and 44 are the two most likely
group to own a smartphone.

New Opportunities-Facts
The highest smartphone penetration comes from the people
aged 25 to 34 which is 62%.

New Opportunities-Facts
61% of the Samsung users are men.
66% of the Apple IPhone users are men.

New Opportunities-Facts
A large segment of women is an opportunity for the Nokia

mobile phones.
72% of the women have greatest influence over purchase and
consumption in their family.
Most women in their age of 25-44 are either working, raising
their families or both.

Conclusion of Facts and Analyses

Biggest competition (Apple, Samsung and Qmobile) have

already captured most of the male consumers.

Nokia should not compete with its rivalries.
There are opportunities that are left unsatisfied such that
catering working women.

Then whom should

Nokia be Targeting???

New Target Market

Busy or working women


Characteristics of New Target market

Busy working women who do not need advanced technology devices.
They do not care about the product extra functionalities.
They are more concerned the products core benefits.
They are usually the individuals who are overburdened such that out of balance work and

family life.
They usually are the caregivers, who prioritize family members and rank themselves second
or last.
They are the individuals who wants to look good, feel good, and express personal style apart
from their hectic professional life.
They are multi-taskers and usually play multiple roles, such that wife, mother, secretary, etc.


Exploratory research
Sample size = 50


What to offer to the consumer in the current scenario?

Why consumers are heading towards these local mobile phone
companies? What lacks in the Nokia mobile phones?
What determinants that forces consumers to buy from these local brands
even they have international brands?
Why Nokia are losing market shares as compared to Qmobile which has
the largest market share?
What are the effects on consumer behavior when buying a mobile phone?

Brand Image

3C Model for Nokias Repositioning

3C Model (Competitors)

Samsung focuses on Innovative, cutting-edge technology, world class

design, premium high products.
Apple relies on the lifestyle, simplicity, creative, casual, user-friendly
Blackberry have slick design for corporate and executive users.
LG emphasis on the innovativeness, stylish, reliability, and trustworthiness.
HTC focuses on the interactive design, personal experience, work and play
smart phones.

3C Model (Capabilities)
Solid performance and durable products.
Sustainable technology
Ability to think outside-of-the-box.
Have strong partnerships.
Global distribution channel.
Globally well-known brand
Product diversity.

3C Model (customers)
Want a product that assist in their everyday life.
Effective time-management
Need work/life balance
Seek for the value and satisfaction from the product or service they

Look for the practical products, simple, convenience and easy to use.
Need more time to take care of their own personal lives.
Seek apparel or accessories that make them feel good.

Repositioning Statement
3 core words:


New positioning statement:

Nokia assisting the billions of confident people to connect and
simplify the communication with great and affordable mobile

Perceptual Mapping

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