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Every Day
Attendance Matters

Early Kindergarten
Attendance Matters

Debunking Kindergarten
Attendance Myths
Myth #1: Kindergarten attendance is not important
Chronic Absence in the early grades and beyond can affect all students when teachers
must spend time reviewing concepts for children who missed the original lesson
Only 17% of students who are chronically absent in Kindergarten and 1 st grade read
profieciently by 3rd grade.

Myth #2: Attendance does not matter until middle or high school
1 in 10 kindergarteners and 1st graders misses a month of school each year.
It is important to address the problem in the early grades before a student falls behind
academically. The goal is to develop good habits from the beginning.

Myth #3: Schools can not do anything to help families improve

PPS Schools have resources like School Counselors, Attendance Case Managers, SUN school
coordinators and community partners to help bridge the gaps between families and

What is Chronic Absenteeism?

Chronic Absence: Missing an extended amount of school for ANY
These absences include both excused and unexcused absences. A student is defined
as being chronically absent when they miss 10% or more school days in an academic

You may have heard the term Truancy in the past. This is
different than Chronic Absenteeism
Truancy: The action of staying away from school without good
This would describe a student who is absent when the parent
does not call the school to let the school know
why their student is absent. (UNEXCUSED ABSENCES)

Important PPS Attendance Policies

10 day withdrawal: Students are withdrawal from the school roster when they are absent
for 10 consecutive days regardless of whether the absences are excused or unexcused. This
is not a punitive action. Students can easily be reenrolled by having their parents accompany
them to the school office for reenrollment upon return.
Excused vs. Unexcused Absences: As a school, we appreciate when families call the office
to let us know the reason for the absence. We understand that students will miss school on
occasion due to religious holidays, family emergencies or illness. However when these
absences start to add up beyond the allotted 10% that can be cause for concern. PPS is
working improve Chronic Absenteeism which means that an absence is an absence
regardless of the reason that the school day is missed.
Tardy: Your student will miss valuable instruction time each day that they show up late to
school. Occasionally, emergencies arise and we would rather students be late than not show
up for school at all. It is important to keep in mind, that when students are consistently tardy
to school the tardies add up to absences and will be cause for concern.

When should you keep your child home?

You only need to keep your child home from school if your childs symptoms
include any of the following
Fever higher than 100.5
Diarrhea (more than 2 loose stools in 24 hours OR sudden onset of loose
New skin rash, sores, or wounds (not previously diagnosed by a health care
Live lice infestation
Schools have plenty of hand sanitizer and tissues, as well as a full time health assistant to
help with runny noses, sore throat, and cough. We want your child here each and every

Every Student,
Every Day

Please help us keep our school healthy by encouraging your children towash their hands
frequently, cover their coughs, and avoid touching theireyes, nose, and mouth.

Attendance Matters

Our goal is to serve each and every child with a high quality education.
Please help us meet this goal by insuring that you child attends school at
least 90% of this school year.
For additional support or information please take note of these
important contacts:
School Office: 503-916-5700
School Counselor: Stacey Freeman and Edith Guitron
School Nurse: Jazmin Ponce-Kling
Attendance Case Manager: Jeff Lothe
SUN School Coordinator: Andrew Baron