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Timeline of the Apple

Computers (History, Present,&


Today we are going to discuss the history of

the Apple Computer.
We will take you from the beginning which
was in 1976 through the present 2007.
We will also discuss the prediction of the near
future and new Apple Computer products to
be released.

The Beginning 1976

Steven Paul Jobs, Stephen Gary Wozniak and

Ronald Gerald Wayne founded Apple
In 1976, Ronald Wayne resigns from Apple
Computer with only a one time payment of
Hewlett Packard grants Gary Wozniak the
permission to create the Apple I.

History of 1977

This was the year that Apple was incorporated.

Rob Janov designs the Logo which is still used

History of 1977

Mark Makula invests $92,000 in the company

Michael Scott becomes the first President of
The Apple I is released for $1,295.

History of 1978

Apple and Xerox sign an invest agreement.

Xerox invest one million dollars in Apple
Apple engineers were allowed to study
Xeroxs PARCs graphical user interface.
The PARC operating system was the 1st OS
for the public market with GUI.
It was commercially unsuccessful.

History of 1979

Jef Raskin worked on a computer concept


Implementation philosophy
Human usability over execution & speed

Raskin named his concept after his favorite type of

apples: McIntosh.

History of 1979

Apple begins working on Lisa, originally a

$2000 business computer.

History of 1980

Apple goes public.

Stocks value increases by 1700%.
The new Apple is released.
Apple sold it for $4340 to $7800 depending
on the configuration.

History of 1981-1982

Steve Wozniak is injured in a plane & takes time off

from Apple and does not return to the Macintosh
Michael Scott resigns as president of Apple.
Mike Markkula succeeds Scott.
The Lisas development is officially finished.
Apple Computer, Inc. & Apple Corps (recording
company of the Beatles) enter a secret agreement.

History of 1983 1984

The Lisa is released.

Apple becomes the fastest growing company
in history.
John Sculley, former president of Pepsi Co.,
becomes president & CEO of Apple
Computer, Inc.
The Macintosh is released-retailing for $2495.

History of 1985 1986

Apple lays off 1200 employees.

Stephen Jobs officially resigns as chairman of
Apple sues Steve Jobs.
Apple drops suit against Jobs & he founded
NeXT, Inc.

History of 1985 1986

Apple tries to make Mac more attractive by releasing

Macintosh Office.

History of 1987 1988

Apples 10th Anniversary.

The Mac SE & the Mac II are introduced.
Apple sues Microsoft & Hewlett Packard
accusing them of violating copyrights of

History of 1989 1990

Apple Corps sues Apple Computer accusing it

of violating the terms of the agreement in
1981 by producing synthesized music.

History of 1991 1992

IBM, Motorola & Apple form an alliance.

Apple Computer, Inc. pays Apple Corps $26.5
The lawsuit between the two is settled.

History of 1993 1994

Michael Spindler replaces Sculley as CEO.

Sculley resigns as chairman of Apple.
Apple releases the first PDA (Newton
Message Pad).

History of 1993 1994

Release of 1st Power Macintosh desktop computer

& system 7.5
Apple starts licensing the MacOS.
Apple announces Pippin, a multimedia system

History of 1995 1996

Apples 20th Anniversary.

The PowerPC 603e is announced

Apple Computer, Inc. takes over NeXT Computer,

Inc. for $430 million.

History of 1997 1998

Jobs returns to Apple due to the NeXT

Computer, Inc.
Apple starts buying back all licenses from
Mac-clone manufacturers.
The Power Macintosh G3 & The Apple Store
are introduced at Apple Event.
The iMac becomes the fastest selling PC in
history, being reordered over 150,000 times.

History of 1999 2000

Jobs becomes permanent CEO.

Chief sales executive Mitch Mandich steps
Power Mac Cube

History of 2001 2002

Opens first Apple retail store in McLean, VA.

Apple acquires fire wire company Zayante.
Former executive John Couch returns.
Larry Elisson resigns from Apple board.
iPod, OS X , iMac G4 all introduced.

History of 2003 2004

iTunes music store opens.

Tibco sues Apple over trademark.
Apple launches iTunes Canada.
iMac G5

History of 2005 2006

Raskin dies at 61.

Software development Avie Tavanian leaves.
Video iPod launched & 1 million videos sold from

Present 2007

January of 2007 Apple dropped Computer

from its corporate name.
Apple employs over 20,000 permanent &
temporary employees currently.
Worldwide annual sales in its fiscal year 2007
(ending September 29, 2007) are US $24.01

Present 2007

The Apple iPhone was

released on June 29,
It is a multimedia,
internet phone and has
a multi-touch screen
with virtual keyboard
and buttons.

Present 2007

On October 26, 2007 Apple released a new

operating system Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
It is a Unix based operating system.

Present 2007

The recently released iPod Touch has all the capabilities of the
iPhone except it cant be used as a phone.

Present 2007

Google released beta version of Google gadgets for

Google Gadgets are mini applications similar to
Apple's own Dashboard Widgets
Google's Gadgets for Mac are now integrated and
installable into Apple's Dashboard in Mac OS X.
This makes them functionally indistinguishable from
Dashboard Widgets.
Google Gadgets comes integrated with Google
Desktop, a desktop search application also available
from Google.