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COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore

Group Members

• Irfan Khalid
• Zahid Ali
• Muhammad Rashid
• Ahmad Raza
Management Analysis
Mayfair’s existence is the story of pioneer-ship and
adherence to stringent quality controls and evolution of
dynamic management systems. With dedicated efforts
Mayfair sees itself becoming an international player of
significance in the confectionery business.The
organization plans to achieve this by being steadfast in its
mission and maintaining a clear vision:

“To be the best in our business and customer’s first choice”

Mayfair has been dedicated to its customers by providing
confectionery products, premium in quality, throughout
their lives. Mayfair takes pride in each child who has
enjoyed Mayfair candies, grows up to retain Mayfair as
the choice for his family’s sweet temptations. As a
company Mayfair Sweets has a simple but the most
important mission

“To make our customer’s happy”


“To make our customer’s happy”

About the Company:
 Mayfair is the manufacturer of confectionery
products from Pakistan.
 Mayfair was established in 1969
 Mayfair was located in Karachi
 But Due to the political and economical
instability in Karachi, it was relocated to
Raiwind Industrial Area. Raiwind a satellite
town 30 kilometers from Lahore.
Mayfair Market

 The company pursuing an aggressive

marketing strategy and adhering to trade
mark rules & regulations.
 Mayfair today has a leading share in the
Pakistan’s domestic market of sugar
Quality Policy
Mayfair ensures its highest commitment to quality by:
“Compliance to the applicable regulatory requirements”
• “Meeting Customers’ requirements and expectations”
• “Promoting good manufacturing practices in
• “Progressive reduction in all types of wastes”
• “Promoting continuous quality improvement
Product Life Cycle
Marketing Finance IT Procurement HR Sales
Manager Manager Manger Manager Manager Manager

Assistant Assistant
Brand Finance
Assistant IT
Assistant HR National Sales
Manager Manager Manager Manger Manager Manager

Assistant Regional
Brand Sales
Manager Manager

Marketing Zonal Sales

Executive Manager

Area Zonal
Designer Sales



Management Functions

• Planning
• Organizing

“Human Resource Management”

• Leading
• Controlling
Mayfair in context with HRM
• Mayfair has a very well defined and structured
department and its various policies of keeping each
employee productive part of the organization are
intoned with the corporate worlds requirement.
• Employees in the company are largely committed to
their organization and have shown progress in the
company. Employees are satisfied with the HR
department of Mayfair Company.
Planning Procedures Of Mayfair
• At Mayfair, our belief is that "Our people are our greatest
asset”. We take great pride in acknowledging the
contribution each one of us makes.
• We focus on People Development and for that we ensure:

Staff Mayfair with world class Professionals and ensure that

the right systems are in place to encourage them to develop
to their full potential.

Create a collaborative and mutually supportive work

environment that encourages people to grow.

Build a team of professionals who deliver expertise by

participating in business decisions.

Develop Performance Management and reward

systems underlying our Business strategy.

We aim at making Mayfair a great place to work

Recruitment Policies of Mayfair

• Source :
Current Mayfair
Internal and external
Data Bank
Employment Agencies
and consultants

• Introduction of a new employee to his/her job and

the organization.
• A program designed to help employees fit smoothly
into an organization; also called socialization.
• Orientation or socialization is designed to provide
new employees with the information needed to
function comfortably and effectively in the
Training In Mayfair

• The purpose of training is to upgrade the

capabilities and efficiency of all those employees
and prepare them for more responsible positions
in future.
• Provide employees with greater opportunity to
grow and succeed with in the company.
• To strengthen management and professional
teams at all organizational levels.
Difference between Training and
Developmental Programs

• Training is for the current improvement in the job

while developmental program is for improving the
skill which will be used in the future.
• Both managers and non-managers receive help
from training and developmental program but
mostly non-managers are concerned with training
while the managers are concerned with
developmental programs.
Employees Performance
Career Development
Career Development In

• Mayfair supports the development of its

employee’s skills and abilities with an aim
to achieve their potential.
Competitive Advantage
Mayfair has an edge on JoJo
Confectionaries, Mitchells and
Other domestic confectionary
industry due to its:

• Best Quality
• Trust
• Strong team force.
SWOT Analysis
• The Oldest Company in the
confectionary industry formed in 1969.
• Company has a strong sales force.
• Wide distributor network more than 450
• Company did not feel to more spend on
advertisement on media but in the new era of
competition the less expenditure on advertisement
became a weakness for the company
• Mayfair has an opportunity to
earn profit by making Chocolate
and Jelly products because his
competitors have an edge over it
by producing the chocolate and
jelly products
• To increase its revenue and
efficiency by using new
• By spending more on
advertisement, there is
opportunity to increase its sales.
• It is a big threat for all companies
of Counterfeit products. Because
counterfeit products of many
illegal firms reduce the goodwill
of real company.
• There is absence of copyrights
laws in Pakistan, so it is difficult
to stop the counterfeit products
Porter’s Model
 Bargaining power of supplier is high.
 Bargaining power of customer is high.
 Threat for substitute goods and services is high.
 Potential for new entrants is very low.
Porter’s Model
Potential new
entrance is Low

Threat of New entrants

are LOW

Bargaining power of
Halal, Candy
Bargaining power of
Supplier is HIGH Land, Kidco, buyer is HIGH
Packages, JoJo, Mitchels. Distributers,
Al-Makkah, Wholesaler,
Al-Aziz, Retailer,
Pak Industries, Individuals.
Rafi Suger

Threat of Substitute
goods & Services is

Bubbles, Candy,
Chew, Toffee, Egg
Biscuits, sandwich
Value Chain Analysis

Land, Labour, Building, Vehicle

Human Resource Management exist

Information Technology Department exist

Procurement (Purchases) Department exist under CEO

Sugar, gum Marketing by
Sugar, base,
Advertisement on
Bubble, also
Flavor, flavors kid channels, provides
Colour, processing school functions office sale
in plant. Buiscuits, and wholesale
Wrapper, services
Packaging Toffee activities
Problems of Mayfair
• The political instability is a
problem for all working
• The Manufacturing cost is
increasing day by day.
• The lake of energy to run
Solutions of the

• A strong democratic Government is the sole solution of

political instability.
• Provision of subsidies and financial assistance to the
companies is solution to increase the revenue of
companies with the increase in manufacturing cost.
• The company may install its own power houses to
reduce energy shortage
 Mayfair is no doubt one
of the best and old
confectionary firm in the
sweet industry in
Pakistan its products are
selling in local market as
well as in international