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48-49 Instructional


FS Outs: Outside stalk man on. Alert for “Bomb” call!
FS Ins: Outside stalk man on. KEY block! Must maintain!
TOSS v. “Split” FS TE: Reach rules!
*Basic premise is to REACH one gap in front of us!

C C *If I’m uncovered, I plan to REACH and OVERTAKE the down

lineman in front of me. If that man slants away to the railroad

track of the blocker in front of me, I stay on MY wide railroad
track and RUN up to a linebacker.
*If I’m covered,
covered I first identify whether there’s a down lineman

E T T E over the man in front of me…if he is, then I plan REACH and
OVERTAKE him. If not, then I will REACH, RIP through the man
over me, and RUN on my railroad track up to any 2nd or 3d level
player that first shows up on my course! I only run once my
buddy from behind takes over and yells “GO”!
3-4 yds *COVERED linemen should cut their split if possible!
outside TE *All linemen: LOSE ground to GAIN an angle!
*Stay on your RAILROAD track on a wide angle!

FS T: Reach rules!
FS G: Reach rules!
CENTER: Reach rules!
BS G: Reach rules!
BS T: Reach rules! 5 tech doesn’t count as covered!
R: Automatic offset Strong/Soft to the call to make it happen
quicker! Pre-read alignment of E.M.O.L. and support. BS TE: Reach rules! 9 tech doesn’t count as
“trapper’s arc,” look toss in & sprint to a spot 3-4 yds outside “covered.” Get downfield!
where the TE is or would be…key the blocks on E.M.O.L & BS Outs: Convoy, cut off deep middle 1/3 saf. TD Block!
support. Stay on a sprint to the sidelines unless he “skates” BS Ins: Inside cut off the man over you..
across your face. If he crosses face, plant sharply on outside
H (Wing/Slot):
(Wing/Slot): Get on the next RR track outside the T /TE and
foot and cut up North & South. This is a cut up play, not a cut block support. Attack his outside shoulder, maintain contact,
back Reverse
QB: play! out tightly and make a soft, end-over-end toss drive to sideline if he widens .Can act as a lineman & use zone
into the RB’s outside armpit, following the toss with your rules at times from Wing & Slot. “Crack” tells you to block
eyes until the back has secured it and taken a step. Boot out the CB. “Clamp” tells you to double with T/TE on the outside
shoulder of the E.M.O.L.
deep, find E.M.O.L.
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Pe rimeter Blocking 2

“DOOR” call “ALLEY” call “ED” call (2 man) “ED” (3 man)
*Secure the block on the low

C man before you step off!

2. S
*”EDDIE” ” call tells

R C 2.
outside man to Inside
Stalk instead of Crack! C

*”EXPRESS” ” tells receivers the
1. 1. exact same thing as “EDDIE
“EDDIE.” .”
The only difference is for TE/OL!
*Combination block by two *Same idea as “Door,” applied *Inside man, from 2-3 yard *Inside man, often from
receivers to “get the play to alley safety support. Can be split, steps flat and seals motion, blocks CB, middle
started” by double teaming done with the two outside E.M.O.L., outside man cracks. receiver executes “ED” on DE,
the force defender initially at receivers or the middle & inside Often used from Squeezed outside receiver Cracks.
the point of attack. receiver in Trips. Double the sets to “shorten the edge.” Outside man cracks, Middle man
1. DOUBLE THE FORCE: Inside man over inside receiver, step Inside man: Step flat, shoulders steps flat to block E.M.O.L...
receiver inside stalks the man off to safety when he fills. should be perpendicular to L.O.S., Inside man (can be stationary or
over him, insures against inside 1. DOUBLE THE LOW MAN: Inside “shield” E.M.O.L., don’t allow in motion to 4-5), step tightly
penetration. Outside receiver rec. inside stalks the man over him, upfield penetration or pursuit around Crack block, eyeing CB as
comes down to his outside insures against inside penetration. underneath you. Use his you do. If you can get outside
shoulder to secure & move him. Outs. receiver comes down to his momentum against him. leverage on him, “Hook” him as
2. Both blockers eye CB. As one outside shoulder to secure him. you would in “Cross...”
takes over the block on the force 2. Blockers eye near safety;
safety; the If CB keeps outside leverage,
man, the other steps off to block one not taking over the block “kick” him out, drive him out of
CB when he closes up.
up. steps off, blocks him when he fills. hole with short, choppy steps!
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