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General Ledger Accounting with Funds Management


SAP Best Practices for Public Sector US V1.603

Scenario Overview 1
Purpose and Benefits:

This General Ledger Accounting scenario provides evaluation, implementation, and

support for the external accounting processes in ERP integrated with budgeting scenarios


Financial transactions are posted against budget records

Key process flows covered

SAP 2008 / Page 2

Posting General Ledger Accounts Documents

General Business Processes
Displaying a Document
Displaying and Changing Line Items
Displaying Balances
Displaying the Compact Document Journal
Displaying the Document Journal
Displaying G/L Balances (List)
Reversing a Document Individual Reversal
Reversing a Document Mass Reversal
Recurring Entries
Processing a Recurring Entry Document
List of Recurring Entry Original Documents
Carrying Out Recurring Entries
Account Maintenance: Automatic Clearing
Account Maintenance: Manual Clearing

Scenario Overview 2
SAP Applications Required:

EhP3 for SAP ECC 6.0


Organization roles involved in process flows

SAP 2008 / Page 3

General Ledger Accountant

Finance Manager

Scenario Overview 3
Detailed Process Description:
General Ledger
The central task of G/L accounting is to provide a comprehensive picture of
external accounting and accounts. Recording all business transactions
(primary postings and settlements from internal accounting) in a software
system that is fully integrated with all the other operational areas of a
company ensures that the accounting data is always complete and accurate.
The SAP FI General Ledger Accountant has the following features:
Automatic and simultaneous posting of all subledger items in the appropriate
General Ledger Accountant accounts (reconciliation accounts)
Simultaneous updating of General Ledger Accountant and cost accounting
Real-time evaluation of and reporting on current accounting data, in the form
of account displays, financial statements with different financial statement
versions and additional analyses.
The General Ledger Accountant serves as a complete record of all business
transactions. It is the centralized, up-to-date reference for the rendering of
accounts. Actual individual transactions can be checked at any time in realtime processing by displaying the original documents, line items, and
transaction figures at various levels such as:
Account information
Totals/transaction figures
Balance sheet/profit and loss evaluations

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Process Flow

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