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Chteau Purcari represents one of the most valuable and popular areas of Eastern Europe.

Chteau is known in the whole world for its premium wines, which gathered over the
centuries more than 160 medals at the most prestigious international competitions, as for
instance: Decanter, Challenge International du Vin, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles,
International Wine and Spirit Competition, but also the legendary appreciation oat the
royal court of Great Britain.

Chateaus location in the neighborhood of the Black Sea and the Dniester River creates
perfect condition for producing high-quality wine. Vineyards, with a total area of 250ha,
located in the unique micro-zone Purcari, benefits from optimal climatic conditions, as
well as from a terroir similar to famous Bordeaux region.

Appreciated and recognized worldwide, Purcari wines are produced only in limited
editions and are matured exclusively in French oak barrique of brands as Mercier, Seguin
Moreau i Butte, according to the strictest canons of traditional viticulture.

Annually, thousands of tourists visit Chteau Purcari to discover the historical cellars
built in 1827, which keep the famous collection of Purcari`s vintage wines, with the
oldest bottles dating from 1948, and also to spoil themselves in the castle`s distinguished

Purcari wines are produced from grapes manually
harvested and selected, processed by a traditional method,
based on the most strict canons of French viticulture. Before
fermentation, the grapes are cooled to obtain a high quality
wine, then the fermentation is repeated the alcoholic and
malolactic one. After obtaining the young wine and after it is
filtered and clarified at a low temperature, continues the
creation of the famous vintage wines: Negru de Purcari, Rosu
de Purcari and Alb de Purcari. The recipe of these wines is a
know-how method of Chteau Purcari and undisclosed

The Vintage Collection is la picedersistance ( the resistantPiece) of

Purcari wines.
From manually selected grapes, the wines Alb de Purcari, Rou de
Purcari and the greatest Negru de Purcari are definitely the
masterpieces of Vinaria Purcari. Matured up to three years in French
barriques of high class, each vintage blend can tell us a story.
Negru de Purcari Negru de Purcari a steel fist in a velvet glove
Federico Giotto, Italian oenology
Negru de Purcari Limited Edition as tasty as Negru de Purcari,
but more precious. Produced in limited edition for specific years.
Vintage 2011 18270 bottles.
Alb de Purcari the queen of long summer nights. A special lady that
attracts everyone.
Rou de Purcari a revelation for wine lovers. The red color is like a
fire, passionate as the first love and irresistible as a beautiful woman.

Italy, France or Moldova? The varietal wine collection

honors the big wine cultures with one exceptional wine.

Whether you want to transfer to the realm of sunny Italy
with a Pinot Grigio or you want to be inspired from the
sophisticated France with a Cabernet Sauvignon, Purcari
is the right choice.
One of the national prides if our beloved Rar
Neagr, produces from an indigenous grape type with the
same name. If, however, you cannot decide on the type of
grapes, the fresh and attractive Rose is a must-try.


The Limited Edition Collection is for those that know

exactly what they expect from life, and their desires are
exclusive and special.
Whether you are some art lovers or freedom fighters, here
you may find the tenderness in limited edition.
Vinohora Rar Neagr & Malbec
Ice Wine
Freedom Blend
Vinohora Feteasc Alb & Chardonnay