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Welcome to the presentation of


Object based Modeling Powered by Intelligent AutoMeshing

About the dveloper Ing.-Software Dlubal

Headquarters in Tiefenbach/ Germany

Development in Prague/Czech Republic
20 Years of experience in Structural
Analysis Software
Currently have ~100 Employees
Software is used World-Wide in 40 Countries
Over 7000 Users World-Wide

Why chose RFEM?

- Most Simple
to use
Just install and start working !!! No Special
training needed.
Input through Graphics/ Dialogues/Tables
Completely object oriented Just click on
any object and change the properties
Locating an object or node is very simple
even in a huge model
Solutions to handle singularities caused by
nodal supports or nodal loads

Why chose RFEM?

- Huge library of
Huge libray
of predefined parametric models to suit various industry needs
The more interesting is user can create their own parametric structure library

Cooling towers



Why chose RFEM?

- Huge library of
parametric models

Folded Plates

Shear walls

Haunched Knee Frames

Rectangular/Triangular masts

And hundreds of other structural models...

Why chose RFEM?

- Parametric modelling
Create objects using formula editor
Just change the variable in the formula, the whole structure will be recreated
including loadings ...Considerable increase in your productivity!!!

Why chose RFEM?

- Automeshing
Just create members, slabs, plates, walls, openings and solids Program
automatically creates mesh generation... Connectivity problems are elminated !!!
Further Automesh refinements at selcted nodes..

Why chose RFEM?

- Automatic creation of
create objects/ surfaces
program can auotmatically create intersections
Very powerful options to model complicated surfaces and intersections of
various parts of equipments/structures

RFEM for special applications

- Design of steel girders

Creates surfaces from members
Buckiling analysis and calculation of buckling load factros
Checking of surfaces for allowable stresses
Design of curved beams/girders
Design of beams with openings
Design of beams with stiffners

RFEM for special applications

- Design of box girders

Whole model
Crane legs

RFEM for special applications

- Portal frames and

of tapered sections
Optimization of tapered sections, which will be largely benefitted by Pre- Engineered
Building Construction Companies

RFEM for special applications

- Material non-linear
subjected to large differential temperatures

RFEM for special applications

- Design of steel surfaces

User can define the allowable stresses in the steel surfaces, program will report the pass
or fail with maximum stress ratios ..Extremely useful in the process industry when working
on storage tanks, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Boilers and etc
Very comprehensive report generation with in few pages which saves large amount of
money towards printing.

RFEM for special applications

- Soil Structure interaction

User need to specify the bore hole information, program automatically calculate C1 and
C2 values
Option to specify the normal and shear springs, which is useful for modeling pile

RFEM for special applications

- Geometric non
linear analysis
Possible to carry out geometric non linear analysis
Cable elements: large deformation analysis is carried out according to Newton-Raphson

RFEM for special applications

- Analysis and design of

and design of glass
surfaces (with or with out layers)
Possibility to consider geometric non linear option

RFEM for special applications

- Modeling using contact

Bolt modeling using contact elements

RFEM for special applications

- steel member design for

IS : Design according Indian Code IS 800
EC3: Design according to Euro Code 3
AISC: Design according to AISC (LRFD or ASD)

RFEM for special applications

- Thick plate design for

of Shear reinforcements insurfaces
concrete plates, which is critical for
heavily loaded Slabs, Rafts, Machine foundations, Abutment Foundations and etc.
EC2: Design according to Euro Code 2
Plate design for punching and cracked sections, Beam and Column design

RFEM for special applications

- Telecom/Transmission
Type: Triangular/ Rectangular
Library of vertical bracings
Library of horizontal bracings
Library of cross arms

RFEM for special applications

- Telecom/Transmission
Tower equipments
wizard Modelling
Tower loading wizard

RFEM for special applications

- Dynamic analysis
Different time histories can be applied in different directions simultaneously.

RFEM Print report functions

- Outstanding presentation
of results

Outstanding presentation of results using graphics and tables

Huge savings on printing costs because of smart representation of results summary

RFEM import & Export options

- Excellent interoperability
Excellent interoperability with direct links and generic interfaces to exchange
models to various Analysis, Detailing, Plant Engineering and CAD software
Import options

Export Options

Stand alone/Add on applications

- Crane Girder Design ( Din

Stress & Fatigue design for crane runway and welds
Deformation analysis
Plate buckling design for wheel load introduction

Stand alone/Add on applications

- FEM Plate Buckiling analysis for


PLATE-BUCKLING analyzes safety against buckling for rectangular plates

according to DIN 18800 part 3
The plates can be reinforced with horizontal or vertical stiffeners (flat plate,
angle, T-stiffener, trapezoidal stiffener, U-section, bulb flat steel).
The load on the edges of the plate is optionally user-defined or can be imported
from RFEM.

Stand alone applications

- Composite Girder Design ( Euro

Code 4)
Very comprehensive composite girder design

Stand alone/Add on applications

- Shape Thin Advanced


Cross-Section Properties and Design of Thin-Walled Sections

Stand alone/Add on applications

- in brief
Integrated Steel Connections design
Timber design
Construction stages modelling

Many more ....

Sample projects where RFEM is used

Fairgrounds in Milano

Sample projects where RFEM is used

Olympic Stadium in Berlin

(by Krebs & Kiefer)

Sample projects where RFEM is used

Airport in Graz

Sample projects where RFEM is used

Eden Project (UK)

Sample projects where RFEM is used

Entrance Scottish
Parliament (Edinborough)

Sample projects where RFEM is used

Expo Roof (World EXPO 2000


Sample projects where RFEM is used

Facade of the Allianz

Arena in Munich

Sample projects where RFEM is used

Hotel Marina at Lake


Sample projects where RFEM is used

Tree column for gas

station roof

Sample projects where RFEM is used

Office building

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