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Using 3R To Save

Our Earth

What is 3R?

Feb 20, 2016

reduce the amount of the earth's resource and make
something smaller or use less, resulting in a smaller
amount of waste.
"Source reduction" which is reduce waste before you
purchase it
"conservation "which means using natural resources

Feb 20 , 2016

Ways to reduce~

Use the front and back of your paper

Share paper with a friend
Use antibacterial gel instead of water and paper towels
Bring reusable bags and containers when shopping,
traveling, or packing lunches or leftovers.
Carry reusable shopping bags or boxes
Choose products with less packaging
here are some product which are not easily recyclable:
or example~


Feb 20 , 2016



making simple lifestyle changes, you can make a difference. Examples are:
Purchase energyefficient appliances.

Configure your
computer to power
saving mode.

Feb 20 , 2016

Turn lights, appliances and

electronics off when they are
not in use.

Line-dry your laundry

instead of using a clothes

fossil fuels are used in the production of the

products that you buy. The fewer products
you use the less materials and fossil fuels
that are used.

Try the following techniques to decrease your fossil fuel usage:

Purchase Fewer Items
Use Items Sparingly
Purchase Items that Use Less

Feb 20 , 2016

to use something again instead of throwing it away or sending
it off to a recycling company.
using something multiple times ,like using a disposable container more
than once and it is not the only way to reuse; you can also give old items a
new purpose

Feb 20 , 2016

making simple lifestyle changes, you can make a difference. Examples are:

Look for products in recyclable packaging when shopping.

Donate unwanted clothing to charities.
Enquire if goods can be repaired rather than replaced.
Hold a garage sale.
Use rechargeable batteries rather than single-use batteries
Use retreaded tyres
Use take away food containers over and over again before
recycling or disposing of them.
Carry lunches in a reusable container.
Re-use envelopes and use both sides of paper.

Feb 20 , 2016

There are many items found around of us can be used for

different purposes
For example,

Empty coffee
use an empty coffee can to store small craft supplies as a
scouring sponge for cleaning sinks.

Newspaper , Cardboard and bubble warp

Make useful packing material when moving house or
to store items

Scrap paper
Can be used to make notes and sketches. Dont forget to recycle it
when you no longer need it

Feb 20 , 2016

To convert materials/waste into reusable material
Recycling centers melt down cans, bottles and other items to
create new materials to manufacture new products.
Puts objects through a process that allow them to be used again
Is the third best way to conserve and be earth-friendly
Conserves landfill space and saves energy because it takes less
energy to manufacture products out of recycled materials than
it does to manufacture them out of virgin materials


Feb 20 , 2016

Advantages of recycle


Save energy
Prevents pollution
Decreases emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute
to global climate change
Helps sustain the environment for future generations
Conserves natural resources
Protects Environment
Reduces Global Warming
Reduces Amount of Waste to Landfills

Feb 20 , 2016

Type of recycle bins



Feb 20 , 2016




What can I recycle?


Other metals


Feb 20 , 2016


Feb 20 , 2016

Effects of Recycling on Humans

Cleans up our environment
Conserves natural resources
Reduces energy consumption
Boosts the economy
Reminds us how our actions affect the world at large

What Will Happen If You Do Not Recycle?

Pollution on environment
Negative effects on economy
Depletion of virgin materials
Greenhouse gases and global warming become more serious


Feb 20 , 2016

Using the concept of "3R" is good for the environment
by using up fewer resources. It's useful for society
because most of the people get benefits from items
that are reused and recycled. Recycling is often cheaper
than finding and refining new materials. Less space
must be devoted to landfills and garbage dumps.


Feb 20 , 2016