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Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board

Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Presentation on Delhi Slum Rehabilitation

& Relocation Policy 2015
V. K. Jain

28th September, 2015

Composition of the
Slum Rehabilitation Committee
Sh. Ajesh Yadav, MLA
Sh. Sahi Ram Pehalwan, MLA
Sh. Akhilesh Pati Tripathi, MLA
Sh. Kartar Singh, MLA
Ms. Sarita Singh, MLA
Sh. V. K. Jain, CEO(DUSIB)
Sh. Pankaj Asthana, Member (Admn.)
Sh. M. K. Tyagi, Member(Engineer)
Sh. Bhupinder Singh, Chief Engineer
Sh. MCT Pareva, Principal Director(Projects)
Sh. S. K. Mahajan, SE(Coord.)
Sh. Jeet Ram, Director(Town Planning)
Sh. Ashutosh Dutt, Representative, Delhi Dialogue Commission

Visit to
Chandigarh & Mumbai

Chandigarh Model of Rehabilitation

Only 18 JJ Clusters identified in Chandigarh city (10 Km X 10 Km)

About 23,841 Slum Dwellers were identified as per bio-metric

survey carried out in 2006 & voter list of 2006

Out of them, 11,148 families have been allotted single room flats at
& other areas, based on survey and continuous
occupation at the time of allotment

Tenements for rehabilitation allotted for a period of 20 years

License fees is Rs 800/- per month to be increased by 20% every 5


Maintenance being done by Chandigarh Housing Board & there

after to be handed over to Municipal Corporation

Chandigarh Model of Rehabilitation

Strict enforcement by Chandigarh Housing Board

In case of defaulters, they seal the allotted premises or cancel

the allotment

They carry out frequent surveys to ascertain whether original

families living or otherwise

In case some other person is residing, allotment is immediately


Scale & magnitude of problem is small

Mumbai Model of Rehabilitation

Cut-off date is 01-01-1995; being revised to 01-01-2000

Survey of jhuggi structure is done and linkage are drawn to the

change of hand up to the present level

No new structures are allowed to be accounted for rehablitation

The person at present living is accounted only if the jhuggie

structure is prior to 01-01-1995/ 01-01-2000

Using land as a resource

Slum Rehabilitation tenements provided free of cost

To cross subsidize, the cost of Slum Tenements, incentive FSI &

TDR is given for sale component

Mumbai Model of Rehabilitation

Developer model of Rehabilitation

Consent of more than 70% slum dwellers required

Developer to be selected by Association of Slum Dwellers

Developer present the Rehabilitation Proposal to Slum

Rehabilitation Authority(SRA)

Density of 500 EWS units is allowed on a plot of 10,000 Sq.M.

excluding sale component

Sale component can be used by Developer for Residential or

Commercial purposes.

Developer provides transit or rental housing to slum dwellers

during the period of construction of Rehab units

Mumbai Model of Rehabilitation

Rehab component can not be sold for a period of 10 years

A sum of Rs. 20,000/- per tenement is recovered as maintenance

deposit from the Developer for subsidizing the monthly
maintenance cost of Rehab building

1.54 Lacs tenements constructed so far and 1,25,900 families

rehabilitated till date( In 15 years)

Slum Rehabilitation Authority(SRA) has all the powers and is a

Single Window Clearance Department for all statuary approval
including change of land use and sanction of building plans

Mumbai Model of Rehabilitation

Temporary Transit
for Slum Dwellers

Delhi Slum
Rehabilitation & Relocation
Policy 2015

Guiding Principles

JJ Clusters before 01-01-2006 not too be removed without

rehabilitation; cut-off date of eligibility for JJ Dwellers: 14-02-2015

In-situ rehabilitation using land as a resource

Relocation in rare cases with prior approval of Board:

Court case
Street , road , footpath, or a park
Specific public project

Rehabilitation work to be completed in 5 years

No fresh jhuggi to be allowed in Delhi

DUSIB to be the nodal agency to implement the policy

Policy for Land owning agencies other than DUSIB

(For Special Public Projects)

In-situ up-gradation/ redevelopment as a matter of principle

Relocation in exceptional cases for Specific Public Projects on case to case

basis with prior approval of the Board

Land owning agencies to inform 6 months in advance with complete details

If the Board approves relocation, the land owning agency will pay the cost
of the houses to be allotted to the eligible JJ Dwellers

Cost of land at circle rate plus cost of construction.

To be deposited in advance after survey

Policy for Land owning agencies other than DUSIB

(For the Balance Clusters)

In-situ up-gradation/ redevelopment as a matter of principle

As per MPD 2021, a maximum of 40% land can be used as a resource

Minimum 60% land to be used for in-situ rehabilitation

DUSIB will prepare scheme for rehabilitation of any JJ Cluster &

Use such portion of land for rehabilitation of JJ Dwellers depending upon

density of that cluster and

Pass on the remaining land to Land Owning Agency which has to bear the
cost of rehabilitation

Cost of rehabilitation will include cost of construction of dwelling units.

Delhi Slum Rehabilitation & Relocation Policy 2015(Part A)

Eligibility criteria
1.JJ Cluster prior to 01-01-2006 ; Cut-off Date : 14-02-2015
2.Name in the 2015 Electoral Roll & in the year of survey
3.One of the listed (11) documents
4.Joint Survey ; bio-metric/Aadhar based
5.No allotment only on the basis of ownership of jhuggi; physical habitation must
6.Should not have house in Delhi & must be a citizen of India
7.No alternative house for commercial jhuggi
8. For residential cum commercial jhuggi(s); only one residential house
9.Separate family on upper floor; eligible (Ration Card prior to 14-02-2015) (This is in
supersession of earlier policy)
10.In-eligible to be removed

Delhi Slum Rehabilitation & Relocation Policy 2015(Part B)

Documents for Eligibility
1. Passport;
2. Ration Card with photograph;
3. Driving License;
4. Identity Card/ Smart Card with photograph issued by State/ Central Government
(except EPIC);
5. Pass book issued by Public Sector Banks/ Post Office with photograph;
6. SC/ST/OBC Certificate issued by the Competent Authority with photograph;
7. Pension document with photograph
8. Freedom Fighter Identity Card with photograph;
9. Certificate of physically handicapped with photograph issued by the C. A.);
10. Health Insurance Scheme Smart card with photograph (M/o Labour scheme);
11. Identity card with photograph issued in the name of the descendant(s) of the slum
dweller from a Government school

Delhi Slum Rehabilitation & Relocation Policy 2015(Part C)

Terms & Conditions of allotment of House
Beneficiary contribution ; Rs 1,12,000/- plus Rs 30,000/- for
Allotment on lease hold basis; Free hold after 5 years
Allotment in the joint names of husband & wife
Sub-letting & parting with possession not permitted
Maintenance of houses by DUSIB for 5 years
Loans from Financial Institutions may be facilitated by DUSIB