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Prefer Maharashtras Seamless

Pipes for Core Development

Industrial Sectors

Maharashtra Seamless limited MSLs plant backed by the state-of-art technology

produces wide range of seamless pipes and tubes in Maharashtra. Their pipes
categories are available in both hot finished and cold drawn or cold pilgered condition.
These pipes have wide range of varied sizes and specifications that caters to diverse
sets of industries such as hydrocarbon industry, oil and gas sector, automotive, boilers
and heat exchangers and all general engineering industries.

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Maharashtra Seamless Pipes Are

Basically a Type of Steel Pipe

Maharashtra Seamless pipes are basically a type of steel pipe which are lighter in
weight and have thinner walls. Their better consistency and straightness make them
fit for diverse applications such as gas transportation, plumbing and electrical conduit.
Seamless pipes making processes which predominates their improved efficiency are
cold drawing and cold pilgering method. Lets have a look at them.

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Manufacturing of Maharashtra
Seamless Pipes
Cold Drawing: Cold drawing employs three processes
namely hollow drawing, stationary or floating plug drawing
and drawing over mandrel.
Hollow Drawing: In hollow drawing wall thickness
undergoes negligible changes while the outside diameter of
the pipe is reduced; outer surface is polished in the die.
Floating Plug Drawing: It consists of a plug which is fixed
into a mandrel bar which is also known as floating plug. This
plug forms an annular gap with the block die and helps in
reducing close tolerances between both external and
internal diameters, wall thickness.
Drawing over Mandrel: In this process a pipe is pulled
through the die with the help of an inserted mandrel bar, with
the external and internal diameters and wall thickness, again
undergoing reduction. Drawing over a mandrel is
predominantly available for standard sizes and the final
dimension are only produced in sequential drawing
operations processed with intermediate heat treatment.

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Manufacturing of Maharashtra
Seamless Pipes the Cold Pilgering

The cold pilgering process is employed for manufacture of pipes measuring

8 to 230 mm OD and 0.5 to 25 mm wall thickness. This process involves a
hollow blank which is forged and straightened over a stable tapered
mandrel by two rolls with ring dies which reciprocates back and forth over
the stock. Owing to the favorable stress patterns they are the most
preferred option in the manufacture of non ductile material pipes.

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Maharashtra Seamless Pipes

Couples of measures are taken to ensure that this seamless pipe meets all the standard
specifications. For example, x-ray gauges are used for thickness regulation of the steel
and at the end of the process pipes are inspected for defects. These seamless pipes
made by MSLs highly skilled workforce are made in larger diameter up to 20 and wall
thickness up to 40 mm for the maiden time in India. If you are thinking to buy them for your
new industrial venture then do visit GaramLoha an online industrial megastore which sells
these branded new ultra modern Maharashtra seamless pipes at the most affordable
prices than anywhere.

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