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Completely Cable-Free RTK System
w/Built-in TX/RX UHF Radio &
Wireless Technology !

Worlds first, dual constellation, completely cable
free, RTK system with internal UHF radio
Completely cable-free design
No more hassle with cables or external power
supplies and radio modems!
Integrated UHF radio by SATEL
Long range, up to 4mile (6.5km) coverage!
Fully integrated receiver/antenna in compact,
lightweight design
Same as other famous HiPer series products!
Dual frequency, dual-constellation RTK GPS+
Provides 24/7 productivity!

Innovation, not Imitation!

Ultra-simple setup and operation
totally cable free!

Base station
w/External radio setup
& Cable mess?

Internal Modem
Receiver Type 1: Base (with Tx/Rx modem)
4MHz bandwidth between 430-470Mhz
(Factory setting - e.g. 461-465Mhz for US market)

Receiver Type 2: Rover (with Rx modem)

430-450MHz or 450-470MHz
Powerful, 1 watt UHF radio provides 4 mile
(6.5km) range and performance.
Free Channel Scan advanced radio
technology automatically detects radio
interference and changes channels to keep
your working! No need to worry about UHF
radio interference!
Topcons exclusive center mount antenna
technology delivers accurate GPS tracking and
the best radio range possible.

Other features
Euro-112 board w/Paradigm chip provides Co-op
tracking for superior performance, low power
consumption, and the power of GLONASS! More
satellites coverage, increased performance,
improved precision, more productivity than GPS
Only system!
Integrated Bluetooth communication insures easy
communication without cable hassles, eliminating
downtime caused by broken cables.

*Bluetooth type approvals are country specific.

*The Bluetooth wordmark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of
such marks by Topcon Positioning Systems is under license. Other trademarks and trade
names are those of respective owners.

Suggested Packaging -1
Basic Package
Two HiPer Pro receivers, incl. cables, manual, etc.
GD Tracking, 1Hz RTK, AMR, 8Mb Memory
FC-2000 or FC-100 & TopSURV
Rover Pole
Tribrach & Precision Adapter
HI Tape or HI Rod
1 Hard Carry Case for 2 receivers
Bluetooth Card
(from local supplier)

Suggested Packaging -2
GLONASS Tracking - Topcons Advantage!!!
5Hz~20Hz RTK Update Mode
Topcon Tools Software
Additional Rover package
One HiPer Pro receiver, incl. cables, manual, etc.
GD Tracking, 1Hz RTK, AMR, 8Mb Memory
FC-2000 or FC-100 & TopSURV
Rover Pole
1 Hard Carry Case for 1 receiver
Bluetooth Card (from local supplier)

Completely Cable Free Design
GPS+ technology (112 board)
Internal batteries 10 hr life
Internal Memory Up to 1 Gb
USB data port
Internal Radio:
Radio Range:
Repeater System:
Int. Suppression:

Hiper Pro
Tx/Rx 1W UHF
Up to 6.5km/4 miles
4Mhz between 430-470Mhz
Frequency Channel Scan

Thank You