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English 101: Fall 2015

Deborah L. Harrington

Goals for Tonight

Get to know one another (create
connections with fellow students and
build supportive relationships)
Build class norms and strategies for
success in order to thrive over the
course of the semester

Count Off Groups

In your groups, discuss and
summarize your answers to the
Why are you here (taking this class
tonight at LAVC)?
What makes a good college student?
To what extent do the qualities that
make a good college student correspond
to your reasons for taking this course
and for being in college? To what extent
do they not?

Pair & Share

Read the article section to yourself; jot
down some thoughts to yourself; locate
golden linesi.e. lines that resonate for
In your color-coded group (all the purples
meet with all the other purples, etc.),
develop a short summary of the section
youve readeach of you should take notes
for yourself as you and your colleagues
discuss and synthesize the article section

1. Return to your Home group

2. In your home group, teach
each other your section of the

Mindset 101
Carol Dweck ends her article stating,
Most of all, teach them that by taking
on challenges, making mistakes, and
putting forth effort, they are making
themselves smarter. What is one
strategy you can implement to help
yourself and your fellow students
internalize the value of challenges,
mistakes, and/or effort, which in turn
can help us create a more powerful
classroom experience this semester?

Class Norms: What will help this be a learning

environment in which you will thrive this semester?

What We Will Do
This Semester &
How We Will Do It
Required Materials
Overall Policies for
Course Success
Rubrics for Course
Resources for

Read Ch. 1 of Lies My Teacher Told Me by Loewen
(posted on the class website and the class FB
group): Write a Reading Response following the
guidelines given in your syllabus.
Choose a figure from U.S. History (not mentioned in
the Loewen chapter) who you feel has gone
through a process of hero-making and one who has
not. Write a 2-4 page analysis describing why you
think this hero-making has happened or not
happened for each and what this says about U.S.
society and cultural values. Make sure to list the
sources youve consulted in preparing your answer.
Place both parts of your homework in your journal
and bring to class next time.