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Four Essential Qs
for Success

Four Essential Qs for Success

Man is in pursuit offindingways and means that can

ensure him success and happiness. He believes that
higher education and highly-paid jobs only can bring
that success. He thinks that IQ is the key to ensure
success in life in this knowledge dominated world.
Hence he is concentrating on the aspect of improving
knowledge and education. It has become a trend
everywhere in our consumerist life to focus our efforts
only to develop IQ orIntelligentQuotient, neglecting
the other Qs.


do not bother to think that there are

Qsessentialfor success in human life. They are
the necessary infrastructures on which life can
properly be built and lived. But unfortunately
inthe modernconsumer world they are
neglected or forgotten. The fouressentialQs
we need are: PQ or Physical Quotient, IQ
orintelligentQuotient, EQ or Emotional Quotient
and SQ or Spiritual Quotient.

Physical Quotient

first Q is thePhysical infrastructure. It is

the most important one on which any life can
exist. Without it no other superstructure can
be built upon it. It involves body fitness and
body wellness. PQ is manifested through an
energetic andhealthy bodywith all its multisystems functioning well.


IQ comes next. TraditionallyIntelligentQuotient has

been defined as a uniform cognitive capacity that
people are born with and can be measured by IQ tests.
But today advance researches haveacceptedthat
ones IQ can grow and change according to ones
response to conditions and new opportunities. Today it
is generallyacceptedthat each person has a unique
profile or combination of intelligence since al human
beings have several types of intelligences. Wecan
improveeach of our intelligence, though some
peoplecan improvemore readily in one intelligence
area than in another.

Emotional Quotient

Emotional Quotient is the third one that is gaining

importance today. Recent studies have revealed that
EQ deals with ones developed ability to deal with both
intrapersonal and inter-personal matters. Inthe
modernlife, stress has become an inevitable factor in
so many ways. Stress has become a common ailment
that leads to many other complicated diseases
threatening life. EQ or Emotional Quotient has become
very necessary for survival today to confront the real
conditions of life and respond to them without getting
attacked by diseases.

Spiritual Quotient

Spiritual Quotient though comes last, is the most

important one. It represents the truest and deepest
self of every individual-- hisinnermostself. It is
becoming popular today because many very rich and
well-to-do persons are suffering very much in spite of
all comfort available to them. It is the inner struggle of
the self. Today, they have understood that SQ is the
most necessary and fundamental infrastructure. In
modern life this hunger for Spiritual Quotient can be
seen explicitly everywhere. Modern man finds that
there is a void or emptiness in his life in spite of all his
efforts to construct walls around him for his selfish
pleasure and safety. Mans thirst for inner peace is
undergoing new trials.

Inter-dependent Qs

Each of these four goals has great relevance to life

and makes its distinctcontributionto life. All these
four Qs are inter-connected and inter-dependent. For
example, while knowledge (IQ) is really power, alone,
it can quickly get into the quick sands of physical
diseases and emotional stress, conflicts and violence,
unless the PQ and EQ are integrated with IQ. One
cannot do that without the Spiritual Quotients
significantcontributionin terms of values, norms,
perspectives and attitudes.

It is our attitude that defines

our connectivity

is our attitude that defines and decides us.

Recent researches have revealed that we have
three real brains (instead of one), one in our
gut, another in our heart and the third in our
head. We can compare this inter-connectivity
to a patient, moving with seriousspinal
injuryas one piece. If you try to lift his head
separately it will be fatal and you have to
move the patient as a single piece.

Human life is about connections

and connectivity. Many of us live
today in piecemeal fashion and
not as a single piece, not
integrated and not connected.
Living as one (single) piece with
all these four Qs only can lead
us to success, peace and joy.