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Table Assignments

Please join the team with whom you shared a

table yesterday.

Why? Putting the pieces together because together we are


Sign-Up for a Deep Dive

Please Sign up for a Deep Dive with
two Communities of Practice
Sign up at the table near the bar
during break

Response to Feedback

Linear thinker life on the

Team time
Logic model and feedback and
Binder materials and resources
Recognition creates a safe space

I am Groot
How do I sustain my own
personal trajectory?
Introductions on day one
More practice and help with
Logic model and CoP Rubric
Please recommend fiction and
Organize the binders differently
Quiet time!!

Todays Golden Line

A theory of change is not a program
planbut it establishes habits of mind that
let you create a good program plan
(GrantCraft 4).

Presentation Peer Review

Use the Change Presentation Peer
Response exercise protocol in your binder.

You have 15 minutes

Integrated Planning
Planning Crosswalk
Integrated Planning Worksheet
Consider commonalities and discuss
List goals that cross over plans
Suggest activities

Cerritos Center for Teaching Excellence

Appreciative Inquiry


Data & Inquiry for Your PL

Engage in focused inquiry
Use that inquiry to tell the PL Hub story
Inform your logic model and theory of
Become leaders in Data Inquiry
Foster data use in your hub and on your

Where to Begin
Given the activities you are planning as
part of your PL Hub, what are some of the
most immediate outcomes you want to
see for faculty who are participating in this
professional learning?
What questions might you ask to help you
investigate whether your PL is having the
impact you are hoping for?

Rubric Activity
Practice identifying evidence of impact for a
campus-wide Habits of Mind initiative
1. Each table has been assigned one level from
the far left column of the rubric
2. For each step along the road of value
creation identify 1 or 2 kinds of evidence that
would demonstrate the impact of the initiative
at that stage
3. Post them in the appropriate categories on
the rubric posted on the back wall.

Rubric Activity Debrief

Discuss with your table mates:
What insights have you gained from this
activity that might help you identify evidence
of impact for your own initiative?

CoP Deep Dive

Visit two Community of Practice stations to
learn more.
Visits will be 25 minutes each with
opportunity for questions and elaboration.
You have a handout for each one in your

Homework Pre-Reading
Scan the headings in the article, What We
Know about Guided Pathways and reflect in
writing on this prompt:
What connections with the work weve
done so far this week do these headings
bring to mind for you?
Share with a partner

Working Session

3CSN Master Calendar

Events Menu
Professional Learning Hub Plans
Pulling it all together

Put finishing touches on your logic model and
theory of change
Post revised Elevator Speech and comment on two
others that are posted.
Work on your PL Hub Plan and Calendar
Read the guided pathways articles How does the
Miami Dade case study reflect the principles of
design that we have discussed throughout the