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Nomedik Labs:

Syndicated Solution Centers

• Corporate sector lacks the stable

environment to develop solutions protecting
their portfolio.
• University sector overwhelmed with research
agendas without a focused commercial
• Technology has produced a more
aggressive, global, and unpredictable market.
Problem II 5 Reasons for Corporate Failure

• Quarterly Reports: IPO shareholders scrutiny and potential

litigation due to poor stock performance.

• Bureaucracy: Subdivisions unable to collectively predict

commercial solutions from patent portfolio.

• Consumer Aptitude: Increased options and knowledge of

technology make retention difficult.

• Competitors Block: Products released on respond / react intervals.

Rivals clone existing models.

• IP licensing and dissemination: Industry more regulated by

government outfits. Pressure from civil litigation and trade
regulations groups.
Industrial Labs

• Def: collaboration of interdisciplinary

agendas from a private corporate
laboratory located within a university
• IP Pipeline: Four Corners and Three

Point Stance .
Four Corners of Innovation ©

• Technology : What inventions are on the

horizon and how will they affect global
• Industry: Is the industry being affected
ready for a shift in business logic?
• Legal: What legal conditions are
preventing full saturation of this
• Consumer: Is the consumer buying into
this new paradigm?
Three Point Stance



• Pronounce the direction that
technology is forcing the industry.
• Create pathways for financial
conversions, schematics, process
• Introduce technology concepts that
bridge finances and consumer
consumption behavior.
• Invent necessary industry alliances
that will certify transmission model.
Product Stance

• Shakedown Industry leaders to fund

prototype placement
• Design prototype technology within
Industrial Lab – apply patent
• License out prototype to highest bidder.
• Introduce Concept Innovative via
Consumer Control Groups and networked
test industries.
• Strategic Propaganda and Marketing of
product within pools of consumers /
high rate conglomerates.
Marketing Implementation
• Corporate University Labs (Nomedik Labs) will operate
as a sovereign company, utilizing the university services
and facilities, network and staff.
• Nomedik will operate by protocols of a corporation
providing IP for the direct application of university
licensing pipeline.
• Nomedik is responsible for aggregating funds from
outside venture groups, preparing quarterly fiscal
reports, presenting IP to corporate and University board
members, recruiting students faculty and adjunct
• Nomedik will publish quarterly journals license its own
conceived propaganda for university distribution:
Medianomics 001
• Nomedik will conduct quarterly conferences educating
both the university and corporate sectors.
Financial Logistics
• Nomedik offers projects per patent to
Corporate Institutions for funding,
research and development.
• Nomedik and Flagship Universities
decide collectively which solution
based models to pursue for mechanical
• Nomedik and University and solicited
Corporate investor agree to royalty or
NPV stock for new third party entity or
patent distribution.
IP Retention
• Maximizing the synergy of Corporate
Environment and University Incubation.
• IP contracts addressed and negotiated with
Nomedik Labs per solution assignment.
• Employee / Instructor participation is
regulated by strict participation guidelines.
• Staff and students sign contracts on a
quarterly basis and are cognizant of royalty