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Brodies abscess

This elderly man presented with left shoulder pain and

fever. A frontal radiograph of the shoulder demonstrates advanced
with glenohumeral joint space narrowing and osteophytosis

A lateral skull radiograph demonstrates innumerable

sized lytic lesions throughout the skull. This appearance is
typical for
advanced multiple myeloma, which was this patients

This 9-year-old girl presented with leg pain. A lateral radiograph

of the knee demonstrates a sclerotic lesion in the distal femur with
poorly defined borders that exhibits aggressive periosteal reaction, including
a Codmans triangle. This represented an osteogenic osteosarcoma.

(A) A noncontrast axial CT image demonstrates a large,

hyperdense left extra-axial fluid collection, causing significant mass effect.
Its biconvex shape indicates that it represents an epidural

Axial CT demonstrates an acute subdural haematoma

along the left hemisphere convexity with right shift of the midline
structures and compression of the left lateral ventricle.

A 60-year-old woman with hemiparesis. Intracranial

hemorrhage is illustrated (hyperdensity) on
noncontrast head CT following intra-arterial tissue
plasminogen activator administered for left MCA territorial
infarct (arrows border infarct)

A 72-year-old woman with hemiparesis. (A) Late acute left MCA infarct
is illustrated on noncontrast head CT
with brain windows (arrows border infarct)

This is the classic appearance of a giant cell tumor.