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What are soft skills?

 Soft skills are essentially people skills the non-

technical, intangible, personality specific skills that
determine one’s strengths as a leader, listener,
negotiator and conflict mediator.
Soft skills is a term which refers to personality traits,
social graces, facility with language, personal habits,
friendliness, and optimism that mark people to
varying degrees.
Selling your Soft skills
 Human resource managers are of the opinion that
they are ready to Hire workers who demonstrate a
high level of “Soft skills “ and then train them for
specific jobs available.
It is true as you look for a job or progress through your
career, you need to undergo professional training to
keep you up-to-date. You may undergo lot of technical
training to meet the industry requirements but you
should also be aware that you possess Soft skills .
Technical experts who have good Soft skills will always
be in Demand.
Attributes regarded as Soft skills
Inter personal skills:-
these include the ability to lead, motivate and delegate.
They are important at every level of organizational
responsibility and should always be evident.

Team working :-
Today’s world is driven by innovation leading to constant
change and success of an organization depends on its
Negotiation skills :-
Negotiating in way means you are able to achieve
desired outcomes and still maintain successful ongoing
relationships with others.

Communication Skills:-
The ability to communicate ideas to others effectively is
an absolutely essential requirement for technical.
engineering and IT professionals as the nature of the
industries make them dependent upon shared
Time Management :-
The busy man only can manage to do many things.
Which seem to be beyond the reach of ordinary

Stress Management:-
Stress is the word that many people use when they are
describing how the demands of their life seems to be
becoming to grate for them to cope with. this ability to
cope with stress varies from person to person. But the
fact is that work and stress go hand in hand, your
success in job depends on ability to handle stress.
Soft skills are categorised in the
following manner
Soft skills –social
 Communication skills
 Interpersonal skills
 Positive attitude
 Values
 Perception
 Etiquette
Soft skills thinking
 Creativity
 Problem solving
 Decision making
Soft skills-Negotiating
 Coping with time
 Coping with stress
 Coping with emotions
 Team work
Train yourself
1. Be a part of team activities .
2. Ask family members or friends to write down your
best and worst traits .
3. How well do you manage your time.
4. Practice the habit of getting feedback.
5. Practice the habit of giving feedback.
6. Live consciously.
Practicing soft skills
1. Have a positive attitude
2. Be a team player
3. Communicate effectively
4. Exude confidence
5. Develop creative skills
6. Accept and learn from criticism
7. Motivate yourself and lead others
8. Prioritize your to do list
9. See the big picture.