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Perawat belum mampu melaksanakan fungsi

dan peran perawat , saat ini masih banyak kita j
umpai bahwa perawat belum mampu melaksan
akan fungsi dan peran mereka sebagaimana ya
ng di harapkan di pelayanan baik mereka yang
bekerja di rumah sakit maupun pusat pelayanan
di masyarakat.


A. Client Oriented Roles

B. Delivery Oriented Roles
C. Population oriented Roles

A. Client Oriented Roles

1. Caregiver

Mencakup penggunaan prinsip-prinsip

epidemiologi dan proses keperawatan dalam pel
ayanan klien di berbagai level yaitu:





2. Educator

Process of facilitating learning that lead to

positive health behavior
eg: educate individuals and they families
about adequate nutrition

3. Counselor

Process of helping the client to choose viable

solution to health problems


y Nurses

family dan

Identify problems

Develop criteria of
acceptable solutions
Evaluate proposed solutions
in term of criteria

Implement chosen
Evaluate efect of
solutions on

4. Referral Resource

Process of directing clients to resources

required to meet their needs

5. Role Model

Someone who consciously or unconsciously

demonstrates behavior to others who will perf
orm similar role.

6. Case Manager

A health case manager is a health professional

who coordinates and directs the selection and
use of health care to meet clients needs servic
es, maximize resource utilization and minimiz
e the expense of care.

The case menejemen society of America

(1995) define case management as a collabor
ative process which asses, plan, implement, m
onitor, and evaluate option and services to me
et an individuals health need trough communi
cation and available resources to promote qua
lity cost-effective outcome.

Tujuan case management adalah

mengidentifikasi klien dengan resiko tinggi ata
u dengan potensi untuk tingginya biaya kebut
uhan pelayanan, membuat pilihan yang tepat
diantara ketersediaan pelayanan dan mengon
trol biaya serta mengkoordinasikan perawatan
untuk mencapai kepuasan optimal klien.

B. Delivery Oriented Role

1. Coordinator/Care Manager

Coordination is the process of organizing and

integrating services to best meet client needs
in the most efficient manner possible.

2. Collaborator

Dynamic, transforming process of creating a

power sharing partnership (Sulivan, 1998)

3. Liaison

The liaison role of community health nurse

incorporates facets of the coordinator and refe
rral resource roles and may even incorporate t
he advocacy role, depending on the client situ
A liaison provides a connection, relationships,
or intercommunication

C. Pupulation Oriented

1. Case Finder

Case finding community health nurse involves

identifying individual case or occurrences of
specific diseases or other health related condit
ion requiring services

2. Leader

Requisite skill for community health nurses.

Ability to influences the behavior of other

3. Change Agent

A one who initiates and brings about change.

Perawat komunitas memberikan pelayanan
sebagai change agent

4 Community

Process by which community groups identify

common goals and mobilize assets to impleme
nt strategies that address local concerns (Berk
owitz et al 2001)

5. Coalition Builder

Process of creating temporary or permanent

alliance of individuals or groups to achieves a
specific purpose

6. Policy Advocate

A person or group people who work for and

argue on behalf policy formation or changes in
policy that influence the health of population

7. Social Marketer

Community health nursing function related to

the social marketer role include identifying a
needed change in societal behavior, analyzing
behavior motivation and perceived benefits an
d barriers to action, identifying particular targ
et markets for intervention and determining th
e unique features of those market, developing
and testing strategies to promote the desired
change, implementing those strategies, and e
valuating their effecti.veness

8. Researcher

Explore phenomena obesrved in the world

with the intent of understanding , explaining a
nd ultimatly controling them

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